George Mulvaney-Author-Cups Up
George Malvaney is best known for his leadership in the Mississippi response to the Deepwater Horizon (BP) oil spill in 2010. 
He spent fourteen years with a nationally recognized environmental contracting firm where he worked his way up to chief operating officer of a diverse work force of over one thousand employees.
Prior to that he worked as an environmental scientist at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.  Today, he is a partner at Enhanced Environmental & Emergency Services (E3) and Malvaney & Associates.
Cups Up is a memoir of perseverance and redemption that chronicles George Malvaney’s life from high school dropout, ex-Klansman, ex-mercenary, ex-felon and con, who went on to become a college graduate, a hardnosed environmental regulator and successful businessman.
George Malvaney grew up in Jackson, spending his days as a youth along the Pearl River.  He attended Murrah High School but dropped out in the 11th grade.  He then joined the Navy at 18, with no skills or education and became a “deck ape”, chipping paint and repainting the deck. While at home on leave in 1978, he made contact with Klansman and was encouraged to start a Klan organization on his boat the USS Concord.  His attempt at forming a clan organization was discovered and he was reassigned.  His new commander encouraged his release from the Navy.  After being released from the Navy, he returned to Jackson in 1979 and was then kicked out of the Klan in 1980.  He then became part of a mercenary group to overthrow the Government of Dominica.  He was arrested in 1981 by the FBI and it was through his journey in different prisons, that he had an epiphany which resulted in him turning his life around and becoming a successful environmental leader and businessman.
George T. Malvaney's life epitomizes the old maxim that "You cannot make this stuff up." Combine a young Klansman from Mississippi, an armed coup attempt in the Caribbean, a stay in prison, and a life-changing epiphany, and you have but half of this swashbuckling tale. Throw in the worst man-made ecological disaster in the history of the United States, and you have unleashed Malvaney's full life story. The Klansman, the soldier of fortune, the wild-eyed prisoner transforms into a renowned leader of the Mississippi Gulf Coast cleanup effort in the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
Cups Up, a title drawn from the wake-up call shouted at prisoners, is a story of perseverance, cleansing, and redemption. It chronicles the roller coaster life of a high school dropout, ex-Klansman, ex-mercenary, ex-felon, and ex-con, who went on to become a college graduate, a hardnosed environmental regulator, and a widely respected top executive in a company with more than a thousand employees.