Glenn Hellman and Bill Walker -6820 Mexico Mission

Bill has been a member of the Columbus Rotary Club since 1989 and over the years has served on the board, as a club officer, the Lowndes Young Leader Program committee chairman, foundation chair and club president 14-15. Under his leadership as club president the Columbus Rotary Club earned a Presidential Citation and increased the club’s Rotary Foundation giving 236% in Per Capita giving. Bill became a Paul Harris Fellow in 2007. Bill and Lucy Anne are members of The Paul Harris Society, Bequest Society and The Arch Klumph Society.



Bill opened the discussion by asking for a show of hands from members who had participated in mission trips abroad.  He went on to highlight the team of 12 diverse participants that went on the trip.


He introduced Glenn Walker who explained the engineering behind the filter systems they installed.  Access to water is not the issue, the problem lies with the water lines and the amount of bacteria that is running through the water lines.  Bu installing these filters, it makes drinking water much more affordable and accessible.  The installation was relatively simple and did not require a tremendous amount of expense (around $50/per installation of filter and hose).


This mission trip was accomplished through 100% of private donations, no district monies or grants were obtained for the purpose of this trip.  During the mission, Rotarians did a number of things for the citizens including maintenance to the nun’s quarters, repairing refrigerator, washer/dryer upgrades and general maintenance to their living areas.  Additionally, Rotarians improved an updated the conditions of local schools including their desks, water fountains, restrooms and the electrical wiring.  The participants also helped out at the Children’s Cancer center by providing new bed linens and towels, stuffed animals for the children and water filters.  Also included on this trip, was an upgrade to the water filtration system of the Deaf and Blind School.  Additionally, there were more than 150 medical exams given and procedures were taught at the medical school. 


Bill Walker highlighted plans and needs for the next global mission trip and made a heartfelt request to have participants from dentistry and EMS personal or firefighters.