Dan Fordice - Warrior Bonfire Project


Warrior Bonfire Program was founded by Daniel K. Fordice III, in response to combat wounded veteran, SFC (RET.USA) Charles Gregory William’s comment that he could spend a full day with a PhD certified counselor and not come close to the therapeutic value of sitting around a bonfire with five or six guys who were there, Dan decided to make it a mission to provide the bonfire. His heart and compassion for his fellow servicemen, their needs and their families lights the fire at every bonfire.

Dan served with the US Army for four years as 2LT serving the 3rd Infantry Division, 10th  Engineer Battalion in Kitzingen, West Germany. He then served in the MS Army National Guard 2/20th Special Forces Battalion resigning his commission in 1994 with the rank of Captain. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University in Construction Engineering Technology and is currently the Vice President of his family’s third generation construction company, Fordice Construction and President of Southern Delta Construction

Dan has served on and chaired many committees, positions and boards, both locally and nationally.  He is an active pilot with over 5000 hours, flying WWII aircraft in reenactments, performing in airshows and flying veterans in need of transportation for the Veteran’s Airlift Command. He is the founder of the Southern Heritage Air Foundation, preserving military memorabilia, vehicles and planes. 

The Warrior Bonfire Program (WBP) is committed to providing opportunities that improve the lives of Purple Heart recipients on their life long journey of recovery and healing, with focus on creating activity based, stress free environments that promote camaraderie and therapeutic healing. The Warrior Bonfire program places warriors, wounded in combat with others of a similar experience, in a stress free, safe and secure setting which promotes wellness and health. They are committed to providing an atmosphere in a simple and straightforward manner by allowing our retreat events the freedom to be shaped and changed by the participants to be exactly what they need it to be. 


Dan (and the Warrior Bonfire Program) believe that it is our civic duty to take care of those that have fought to protect us and our freedoms.  In forming the WBP, the goal was to create a place for purple heart recipients to find brotherhood, support and healing; bringing back the brotherhood that was ripped away upon injury.  Dan gave many (sometimes heart wrenching) examples of the trauma that our soldiers have endured.


Dan quoted Dave Grossman in saying that the WBP believes (and has adopted as their motto) “Pain shared is pain divided.  Joy shared is joy multiplied.”  Dan continues to be motivated to offer more programs/activities since, “I cannot unsee what I have seen and I cannot unknow what I have learned.”