Cecil Brown -  Public Service Commissioner
The Rotary Club of Jackson


September 23, 2019
The Rotary Club of Jackson was pleased to welcome Cecil Brown, Public Service Commissioner. 
The invocation was led by Mayo Flynt, the Pledge was led by Ted Jackson, and the Four-Way Test was led by Janet Scott.
Seated at the head table included, Steve Corbitt of the Corbitt Company, Erica Reed of the Jackson Medical Mall, Burdette Russ with Russ, Brown and Tann and Neddie Winters who introduced our speaker.
Janet announced the Satellite Club inducting three new members.  Additionally, Harold Hart of the Satellite Club will participating in Real Men Wear Pink (https://secure.acsevents.org/site/TR/RMWP/RMWPCY19SOR?pg=entry&fr_id=94107).  The Rotary Club of Jackson will be participating in the World Polio Day on October 24, 2019 (flyer attached).  Due to participation in World Polio Day, the Rotary Club of Jackson will not be meeting on October 28, 2019.  World Polio Day celebration will be held at St. Dominic’s Centre in the Toulouse Building 3800 1-55 North, Jackson, MS 39206.  The event will run from 11:30-1pm.  Additionally, District 6820 will be holding a 5K on October 19th to raise awareness for Polio (flyer attached).
Cecil Brown opened his discussion with a description of the work of the Public Service Commission. The Public Service Commission regulates telecommunications, electric, gas, water and sewer utilities. The agency is charged with assuring that rates and charges for services are just and reasonable, that the service rendered is reasonably adequate, and that any facilities constructed or acquired are required for the convenience and necessity of the public. Additionally, the agency exercises safety jurisdiction over gas pipelines and has area jurisdiction over all public utilities. In carrying out its responsibilities, the commission answers complaints, makes investigation and conducts both formal and informal hearings.
Mr. Brown highlighted the difficulties with robo calls and telemarketers.  He offered suggestions for dealing with them and suggested getting on the MS no-call list.   Access to the no call list can be found www.psc.ms.gov/ .  Currently, there are seven full time people working on complaints regarding the telemarketing and robo calls.  It is not a situation that is easily managed or regulated.
Mr. Brown is not running for reelection, so he wanted to offer some insight into what changes need to happen with the upcoming election and highlight opportunities within the State of Mississippi.  In Mr. Brown’s opinion, Mississippi’s top three opportunities are:  Medicare expansion, underfunding of public schools and increasing the gas tax.  Mr. Brown gave several examples within each of these areas where MS is failing (compared to national average) and where the state is losing potential opportunity because these three areas are not up to par. 
Questions were fielded and Mayo Flynt assisted in answering some of the questions regarding robo calls, telemarketing etc…
Our “fun”raiser drawing was held, Jeanhee Kang had the winning ticket, but did not draw a queen.  The pot is currently at $440 to be split with the Club.  The Rotary Club of Jackson will be participating in the Seven Days for the Troops event (flyer attached) and will be funding our sponsorship level, in part, with money from the “fun”raiser.