Amanda Fontaine - Executive Director - MS First


The main goal for Families First for Mississippi is to impact the entire family

by connecting the dots between all of the Mississippi family services.


Over the past 20 years, Families First for Mississippi has successfully served the state of Mississippi by providing services to meet the vast needs of Mississippians that span over generations and cross demographic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Families First strives to support the family system to create successful employees, provide academic and social opportunities for all Mississippi students, and provide stability for families to flourish successfully across the state of Mississippi.

Services are delivered jointly by two community organizations: The Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) and the Family Resource Center of

North Mississippi (FRC). The united efforts of both organizations strengthen families of all backgrounds and life circumstances by providing support and services - from parenting classes, educational opportunities, positive youth development, literacy assistance, and workforce and job readiness. Families First for Mississippi offers these services through seminars, workshops, classes and presentations held in schools, community centers, churches, and state agency offices. Families First for Mississippi works diligently to positively impact lives and create hopeful futures for all Mississippians.

The whole family concept involves all ages as well as utilizes partnerships with state of Mississippi agencies and community organizations to fill any gaps and eliminate any duplications between services. Families First for Mississippi’s core services stimulate employment through job readiness, support family financial stability, promote literacy, increase graduation rates, support positive youth development, and promote parenting skills development. In an effort to provide students assistance who are at risk of not graduating, Families First for Mississippi offers courses in a flexible and hassle-free environment as an option to earn a high school diploma. Our courses prepare students for postsecondary institutions, military, and employment opportunities.  For more information please visit the website