Leadership Principles
Jul 25, 2018
Dr. Merlin Switzer
Leadership Principles

Since 2005, Dr. Merlin Switzer has worked exclusively in the field of leadership. His passion is helping leaders and leadership teams to be more effective, reaching new heights in performance. This quote by Gia McNutt former CEO of Special Order Systems, captures the outcome of this passion: “It has been a mere 12 months since Merle came to work with our organization, management team and individual staff. I can see a huge evolution and transformation. Merle was the catalyst who made this transformation possible. When the management team reflected on all the positive growth at the conclusion of our fiscal year, Merle and the work we did together was cited as one of the most important things we did.”

Dr. Switzer holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in Leadership Coaching. He has worked with numerous companies, non-profits and government agencies across the U.S., has spoken at nearly thirty state, national or international conferences, and he has worked with leaders in Ecuador, Cambodia, and Northern Ireland.