Yangri Academic Center

The 2015 earthquakes caused unimaginable destruction in Nepal. Many rural communities were in vulnerable situations before the earthquake. The idea of reconstruction felt unattainable, so many families migrated to the city. The Yangri Valley was no exception.

This is why the future of the Yangri Valley rests on the education of the next generation. To not only provide opportunities for these families but provide options for viable livelihoods in the valley.

Following the initial relief and reconstruction work in the valley, Himalayan Life built a regional school called the Yangri Academic Centre (YAC).

The vision of YAC is to be a school that holds outstanding educational standards and sound pedagogy. A school where teachers are excited about education. Where the potential for both academically talented and challenged students are developed to their full potential. A place where children will discover the sheer joy and excitement of learning.