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My name is Mark Smith and I am member of the Rotary Club of Stratford Ontario. We are a club of 135 members. I am a scenic carpenter with the Stratford Festival which is the largest repertory theatre company in North America. I am actively involved in 3 committees in our club and outside of Rotary I chair an advisory committee for a social and economic development through the arts project in Suchitoto El Salvador. This project is a partnership between Primer Acto / EsArtes, Stratford Festival and CUSO International. The photo is of myself presenting a check for $1,000 from my Rotary club to Tito Hasbun, the Board President of Primer Acto. Taken last March in Suchitoto, it also includes students and alumni from the program. This project is in it's 6th year and is growing a culture of peace in El Salvador with it's foundations on anti violence, youth inclusion and gender equality.
Musicians to be a part of the Cabaret Auction fund raiser at Festival Theater Stratford Oct 5 for Suchitoto Theater educational project run by ESARTES.
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Composed and submitted by Chris Langley, Rotary E-Club of Canada One
Comments from our Guests and Members
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The program emphasized the diminishing human rights of women and girls world wide.  President Carter encouraged people to speak up and take action to set forth laws and policies to protect these human rights.
Maryann Cole, RC of Walla Walla, D-5080
Jimmy Carter is a very eloquent speaker and brought up some very timely points about the plight of women and girls both in the developing world and right here at home.
Brett Booking, RC of West Ottawa, D-7040
It makes sense to be big and open up to be powerful and to take up lots of space because you deserve it.  It was interesting that you can fake it until you are it.  That happened with me, becoming president of our club last year.  I had done lots of public speaking in the past but, none for a few years and I was feeling insecure.  The members had to persuade me to be president.  I was wishing that I had said no and was very shaky the first few meetings but, eventually, I faked it until I was truly confident and felt good about being president.
Judy Miller-Bennett, RC of Osoyoos, D-5060
Although I attend weekly terra club meetings in Osoyoos, I am alway interested to see what our program is for the week. I loved the Rotary Minute and after watching the speaker program I feel very grateful for the lives we have here in Canada.
Elly Contreras, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370
I think it is fabulous that when travelling this summer and unable to connect with Rotary either face to face or online, I can come home to all my recorded meetings, re-invigorate my Rotary life  and catch up with commitments which would otherwise have been lost.
Chris Langley, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

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