Imagine living in a 3 room dwelling, shared by your parents and three siblings. Laundry is being washed by hand and most meals consist of tortillas, rice and beans; Meat is only served on Sunday, provided that Dad had steady work the week prior. A basic cold water shower and outdoor kitchen are luxuries.
Getting an education beyond grade 6 is only a dream, after all, neither of your parents made it that far. And for a girl it is even less likely.
But what if someone comes along and tells you, that if you wish to continue your schooling after grade six, there may be an opportunity to get assistance with expenses, such as school supplies, uniform, tuition fees, school breakfast, bus fare and proper shoes.
The catch? You must maintain an average of 8.5 out of 10, attend a weekly homework club, write your sponsor on a monthly basis and do some community work.
Well, it certainly caught the attention of Laura Rincon, whose ambition is to become a civil engineer and who maintains a steady high average in her second year of secondary school in Suchitlan.
Thanks to the support of the Rotary E-club of Canada One, Laura is able to study under a sponsorship, education program administered by Project Amigo in Colima, Mexico.
E-club members Elly and Ramiro Contreras, live only a few hours away from Laura, and wanted to give her an opportunity to spend a few days at the beach and experience the New Year’s Eve Fireworks.
Laura and her fellow student Juana, enjoyed every minute of it. They are both delightful girls, who demonstrated the benefit of the life skills classes they receive through the program.
It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the girls better and show them that Rotarians Care.
Laura would love to hear from you. You can write her (in English) at or on her Facebook Page under Laura Rincon

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Comments from our Guests and Members

The program was better than some of regular Club programs.
Allen Tucker - Greater Flint Sunrise, D-6330


I love that you display your current meeting on the home page and that each meeting is comprised of the different "sections."  Your e-club's personality definitely shines and visiting has felt very much like going to a land-based meeting.  I like that you include educational content about Rotary and The Rotary Foundation and what we are doing in the world--that is crucial for member retention.

Ginger Vann - Rotary Club of Baker (Louisiana), D-6200
The speaker program was very thought provoking, measuring Gross National Happiness Vs GDP.  Chip is a very talented presenter and his message was easy to understand.
Ivan Docker - Edmonton Strathcona, D-5370


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"Feed your faith, and your doubts will starve to death"

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