Greeter this week: Colleen Milne
Rotarians are always looking for fun ways to raise money for meaningful projects.
In 2007, the Rotary Club of Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC initiated "The Traveling Bell." Raising money for Polio Plus. 
The Bell is passed from one Club to another and the receiving Club must contribute $1.00 to Polio Plus for every day the bell remains in that Club's possession. Accompanying the Bell is a diary that records its journey from place to place.
One club kept the Bell for 803 days, primarily because there was difficulty in locating a new Club for the Canadian Rotarian to join in the area she moved to.  That Rotarian was ME!!!  The Rotary Club of West Shore contributed $1,000 to Polio Plus because they held onto the Bell for so long and gave me the Bell to present to a new Rotary Club when I got settled in England.  When I finally joined the Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins (Gerrards Cross, England) in May of 2012, I presented the Bell to the President, together with an additional contribution for Polio Plus. 
The Bell has visited Rotary Clubs around the world, and is currently (Dec 2015) on its way to the Rotary Club of Bangkok with a member from the Sun Lakes Rotary Club in Arizona!
Rotary Clubs visited by Traveling Bell:
Sooke, Royal Oak Centennial, Oak Bay, Harborside, Brentwood Bay, Sidney by the Sea, Westshore, Misbourne Matins, Bingley Airedale, Keighley (Yorkshire), Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Potomac (Maryland), Sun Lakes (Arizona)

Rotary is FUN! Rotary is an ADVENTURE!  I hope you enjoy the journey.

Inspirational Moment
Submitted by Vicki

Comments from our Guests and Members
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This week's program was particularly profound and powerful. I looped back and watched the material two times and on each count was driven to tears.
Thank you for sharing out such important messages!!!

Sue Croft, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370
This is a most inspiring message, and most appropriate for this Christmas Season, focusing us away from the glittery facade of Christmas toward gratitude for what we have and the gifts we can give to others in need around the world.
Rob Matthews, RC of Calgary Heritage Park, D-5360
I'm so inspired....AGAIN!!  I LOVE these meetings!!  The video on the Care Home in Seattle with the Daycare in the same building was amazing! What a brilliant idea to include the children and the elderly in daily activities.  Blessings everywhere!  And...what can anyone say about the inspiration that Nick Vuijicic is?!?  Amazing....absolutely amazing.. Thanks so much.
Colleen Milne, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370
Money Suit Social Experiment broke my heart. Greed in this world is the major cause of poverty. In the words of Max Lucado: there is nothing wrong with supply; the problem is with the distribution. People who have plenty but take more because they want to get their nails done are the ones that contribute to the problem of distribution.
Vicki Horsfield, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

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New Members Corner
January is Vocational Service Month!

Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly

Teaching and touching the future
Two years ago, Rotary International Director Julia Phelps' district used a Rotary Foundation grant to host four science teachers from the Philippines who visited the United States as a vocational training team. At the end of the visit, the teachers were charged to go home and make a difference. Last month Phelps had a chance to visit those teachers, and she happily reports that they have done just that

Food for Thought
Submitted by Rashmani

"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do." 
 C.G. Jung
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Donated and Submitted by Jim Ferguson

Speaker Program
Submitted by Vicki

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