Posted by James (Jim) Ferguson
Greeter this week: Jim Ferguson

This year, as Assistant Governor for Zone 4, my wife, Jocelyne, and I had the privilege of joining our hard working District 5370 Governor Frank Reitz and his wife Barb, on Rotary Club visits to Slave Lake, Lac La Biche and Athabasca.
This was a first-hand look at some of our more Northern Rotary Clubs in Alberta, and while they varied in geography, I can tell you that Rotary and the spirit of the Four Way Test is alive and well in all the clubs.

Our first stop was in Slave Lake on August 1st, with President Lynne Haas and her club members, where we were shown some community projects, including the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library that was rebuilt after the wildfires that had devastated the community in 2011.
A cheque for Polio Plus was a surprise presentation to DG Frank in honour of his visit.

Please click HERE for some pictures of the Slave Lake visit

On August 8, we visited the Rotary Club of Lac La Biche, Alberta. President Aaron Hodgins and his club members met with us and then took on a tour of their community. Highlights included a Rotary fitness park beside Lac La Biche lake, a very beautiful Rotary gazebo, and the Bold Centre which the club had donated funds to help build.

Please click HERE for some pictures of the Lac La Biche visit

On August 9th, we travelled to Athabasca and visited with their Rotary Club. President John Ollerenshaw and the Board Executive met with us first, then DG Frank spoke to their club members. We had beautiful weather as we were shown around the community and some of their local service projects, including a Rotary clock that was bought by the club and installed to mark the province of Alberta's 100th anniversary. Some more highlights were the Rotary trail that went through the whole community and parks, an adult outdoor fitness area, and a spray park for children.

Please click HERE for some pictures of the Athabasca visit

In all the three communities, the service work was outstanding, but what really impressed DG Frank, Barb, Jocelyne and I, was the genuine warmth and enthusiasm of the club members in each location.
We're really looking forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Fort McMurray District Conference, on Sept. 28 - 30th!
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One of the best eclub program organization I have come across.
K. Prasad Menon, RC of Simsbury-Granby, CT, D-7890

So much to learn from the microbiological environment!
Jean Michel Crepin, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Enjoyed the variety of material available. Having been to Hawaii and witnessed the homeless encampments, I appreciated the opportunity to get a better understanding from a number of perspectives.
Don Smith, RC of Bracebridge, Ontario, D-7010

Fascinating side-bar story regarding plants hijacked to make polio vaccine; really gets the wheels spinning - and the "we are THAT close" is potentially even closer!
Cool program; after the first few minutes I wanted to go grab of bottle of Windex, Mr.Clean or anything to spray on my face! But then later I felt the need to go grab a beer!  All in all, what a neat way to explore our "inner space" and have a glimpse into our future.

John Wojcicki, RC of Edmonton, Alberta, D-5370


Cheri Goldstone, RC of St. Albert, Alberta, D-5370

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News from the Rotary Family
From Bruce Kleeberger

Together with the Peninsula Carvers of White Rock/Surrey I went to the Burke Museum at the University of Washington (Seattle) to learn more about the history and art of First Nations of the Northwest Coast. As President of this organization of 30 wood carvers I was happy to be part of the organization of this road trip and to be a leader of the Club.

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New Members Corner
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Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly Contreras

How we more than doubled our membership in a year
When Fely R De Leon began her year as president of the Rotary Club of Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Philippines, she dreamed of reaching a hundred members to match her club's name. Starting at 31 members, that presented a considerable challenge. But by making club meetings more lively, restructuring the format, and widely promoting their good work, the club got most of the way there, growing to 80 members.


Food for Thought

"Real genuine friendship and the laws governing friendships provide the truest
basis for all forms of enterprise. If Rotary can materially contribute to the
development of friendship between individuals, businesses, professions, and
nations, and if the individual is willing to make friendship the basis of his job or
vocation, then we have an ideal of service being applied in ways that should make
all of us happy."

- What Constitutes Vocational Service?, THE ROTARIAN, November 1927

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