Posted by James (Jim) Ferguson
Greeter this week: Vicki Horsfield
Thank you, Rotary E-Club of Canada 1!! Our organization, Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans,
provides educational support to Guatemalan children living below the poverty line. The Rotary E-Club of Canada 1's generous donation of last December to our organization is in part being used to by our students to educate their community! They have started a project to clean up our community and to promote recycling and to reduce the amount of garbage produced. The first step was to buy garbage bags and pick up garbage in the street on a long walk to visit the town's garbage dump, where they learned about composting organic garbage and sorting garbage to recycle plastic.
Our students are drawing up plans to ask permission of the mayor to paint telephone posts with ecological messages and pictures as well as to post permanent signs that they have designed and will purchase with Rotary's donation. They have purchased fabric and are making reusable shopping bags to sell at cost in front of the local grocery store to encourage a reduction of plastic bags. So Rotary E-Club of Canada 1's donation is providing a domino effect of education!!

Inspirational Moment

Highlight Video of the 2017 Canadian Water Ski Open held at Shalom Park, near Edmonton, Alberta

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I really enjoyed the video on polo and the difference it is making around the world.  It is inspirational about how the group of father are working together to stay with there kids and making a difference and helping each other.
Ted Kent, RC of Regina Eastview, Saskatchewan, D-5550

Great story about the youth movement, I wonder if someone made a video about that. It would make so much more impact, (at least it would on me as a visual person). 
Would Paul Harris have seen the speaker program well before we did?

Elly Contreras, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Rotary is the perfect example of a tribe. Our commitment to Rotary and the foundation will open larger and different avenues of service in the future.
Larry Reynolds, RC of Campbell River Lunch, D-5020

Seth Godin provides a good philosophy for growth and healthy challenges that unfortunately are not present in some "service groups".
Frank Yakimchuk, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370
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News from the Rotary E-Club Family
From Bruce Kleeberger

My daughter, Jessie Moore, is the Area Supervisor for BC Parks for the northern area of Vancouver Island. This year has been challenging for BC Parks as many of their already very limited staff were seconded to serve to support wildfire management in BC's interior.  Ranger Jessie must hike the 60km of the North Coast Trail each year to ensure it is safe for the 1200 visitors to the remote and very challenging trail. Because of her staff limitations, I completed the trail as a Parks volunteer to make it possible for her to complete the trail this year.
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Donated and Submitted by Lynne Ternosky

"Children often show us the way. This child's heartfelt singing reminds me that the E-Club of Canada One supports many children and youth in Canada's Arctic, in Mexico, in Honduras, in El Salvador and in India and in Ontario. Help us help them to make the world a better place."

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