Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk
On my last trip to visit my Mother, Dorothy in Yellowknife, also gave me a great opportunity to meet with my fellow Rotarian, Paul Falvo. Paul is a former East Coaster like myself, he took his Law Degree in Halifax at Dalhousie University, he shares that distinction with both John Crosby(NL) and Danny Williams(NL) who by the way are both Rhode Scholars and former Politicians.

Paul actually invited me to the Rotary Club of Yellowknife Lunch Meeting, where his daughter sold me some Girl Guide Cookies and made a brilliant presentation to those present that day about her " Mystery Trip" which featured in part a visit to the RI Headquarters in Illinois to see RI President Gary Huang.

Visiting old places and going to new places can give us an opportunity to get acquainted with fellow Rotarians both old and new.

Enjoy the E Rotary Club, Canada 1 weekly meeting and if the urge to give a tiny or big donation strikes your fancy, feel free to go ahead.

Frank Yakimchuk


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Every time you attend another clubs meeting live or eclub, etc. a person learns so much they did not know about Rotary, About life, about themselves and realize how what an amazing world we live in. 
Vernon Boyd, Rotary Club Grande Prairie Sunrise, D-5370

The Dr. Paul Alexander video was powerful. The Forget What you know video--wow a boy with autism is absolutely brilliant in quantum mechanics, Johnson Therom and thinking out of the box. Most discoveries found when you aren't hearing but thinking
Andrea Page, Stratford Rotary club D-6330


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