Dear Charter Members of the Rotary e-Club of Canada:

Congratulations on the commencement of your new Rotary e-club. On behalf of all the

Trustees of The Rotary Foundation, may I extend our very best wishes to you.

As you start out on your Rotary journey I urge you learn all you can about your Rotary

Foundation, one of the cornerstones of Rotary. Few international organizations

experience such continued and dynamic change as the Foundation. Every year we learn

of a new approach to manage formidable challenges. Every year, I am proud to note, we

see fresh ideas in circulation. The one common denominator is that all our efforts are

directed toward the ultimate aim of achieving the noble goal of Rotary: Service Above

Self. However, as each of you knows, the price for continued success is demonstrating

sound stewardship over the funds donated.

We Rotarians embrace the two pillars of support for The Rotary Foundation – the Annual

Programs Fund (through the Every Rotarian, Every Year effort) and the Permanent Fund.

As we work towards the eradication of polio, support the Rotary World Peace Fellows,

and as we adopt and implement the Future Vision Plan of The Rotary Foundation, we are

contributing to making this a better world, where all will be in a position to enjoy a better


May your future endeavors with Rotary be successful and may you continue your

valuable support of our Foundation for years to come.

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson

Chairman-elect, The Rotary Foundation Trustees