Posted by James (Jim) Ferguson
Greeter this week: Undine Miller

Please allow me to share a personal experience with you when I became a Canadian citizen this April.
I have been a permanent resident of Canada since 1982 and decided that it was time to become a citizen in order to use all the privileges but also the responsibilities of a Canadian citizen, especially since I am the proud mother of 3 children and 6 grandchildren. And, I feel very comfortable and happy here with no intentions to move back to Germany.
After all the months of back and forth with paperwork, after the jitters of writing my citizenship test, the day had finally come. My husband, my daughter with husband and 2 children joined me in Surrey, BC, to take the Oath of Citizenship. Represented in the room were 58 people of 18 countries, all looking forward to become an official contributing member of Canada's population. As we were told by the judge, there are 300,000 people like us every year becoming a vital part of Canada. It was very emotional, with many conflicting feelings still inside. At the same time I tried to put myself into the shoes of some of the other co-almost-citizens, many had to leave their countries because of political & religious reasons, along with their entire families. I can't even imagine their feelings.
I am very proud to call myself German-Canadian, though still feeling a bit guilty which I am sure I will overcome in time. I can't wait to vote in May, the first time since 1982.
I knew/know that it was the right thing at the right time to do, eh? :)

Inspirational Moment
Submitted by Vicki Horsfield
Submitted by Vicki Horsfield
Kent Monkman is a respected First Nation's painter and visual artist whose work explores the history of colonization in Canada. In this video we spend a day with the artist at his new workspace in Prince Edward County, Ontario as he escapes the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Mariana Atencio
Belonging takes work.  Being different is an advantage.  What makes me different makes me standout and be successful.  All of us are quirky and unique.  We should embrace these differences in others, appreciate what makes others special and appreciate what we all have in common - our humanity.

Shane Best, RC of Longview, TX, D-5830

Canadiana; Vimy Ridge Remembered
In the fall of 2015 my wife and I visited the Vimy Ridge Memorial. On it we located the name of her great uncle who was one of more than 11,000 soldiers whose bodies were never recovered. It was a touching moment. The Memorial has a beauty and aura that cannot be described adequately in words. You must walk upon the ground where so many died and gaze over the countryside and at the two tall white towers that honour peace but not victory. We wondered why this memorial was spared destruction during the Second World War when so many others were razed by the invading German forces. We learned that even Hitler respected the Monument as it did not celebrate victory over his country's forces, but honoured peace and those who fought for it. A special detachment of SS forces was assigned to protect the Monument during WWII and it survived. Now 100 years later we may honour peace.

Robert Boyden, RC of Canmore, Alberta, D-5360

I found so many e-mails from my Canadian Rotarians and so read the information and looked at the archived meetings.
I wish Laura a good certification for the youth exchange quickly. I'm thinking the work with youth is a main project of Rotary. Some days ago I read quarterly report of Lisbeth, she lives and studied for one year in Chile. Exchange organized by my old Club in RIESA, Germany. She is so happy, has to make so much experiences and say, like of the most of the young people they come back at home, Chile is my home away from home.
They are peacemakers.
With interest I read the article about Vimy Ridge. A short time before
I found the fascinating article from Ken McGoogan. He was reflecting about Scotland as a new Canadian province and the Brexit.
The world move closer together.
Greetings from Saxonie to Canada!

Sabine Gueffroy, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

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News from our E-Club Family
Like most of us have extended families; aunt and uncles, nephews and nieces, grandparents etc, our Rotary family also has an extended family members. Those would be other Rotary District relatives. One of the most appreciated of our Rotary family members (other than our DG Laura of course) is our Assistant Governor Marilyn Mucha.
Marilyn has been a great help to our club, sharing her experience and suggestions and guiding us along the way. She was involved in our club even before it was chartered.
Many of us may have experienced our extended family members dropping in for a visit when they happened to be in town.
This was the case with Marilyn and her husband Len. After Len, who is an accountant, finished all of his client’s tax return, he and Marilyn went on a short vacation to Osoyoos, to play some golf AND dropped in for a visit at Elly and Ramiro’s place for a glass of wine and a nice chat. Since this was a vacation, Rotary business was off the topics list.
Thank you for all you do for our club and for Rotary, Marilyn.

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May is Youth Services Month
Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly Contreras
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Bruce Douglas Cockburn OC (born May 27, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist. His song styles range from folk to jazz-influenced rock and his lyrics cover a broad range of topics that reveal a passion for human rights, environmental issues, politics, and spirituality.

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