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Greeter this week: Larry Reynolds    

Greeter Message from Larry Reynolds, Campbell River Rotary Club, winner of the club's last quarterly draw.
I am in Hawaii for 7 weeks enjoying the sun. I am retired and travel a lot, thus my use of the Rotary E-Club of Canada One website often while I am away. I have been a Rotarian and member of the Rotary Club of Campbell River since 1971, and past president of our club 1978-79. 
Our very active club of about 87 members was founded in Campbell River in 1946. We are very active in our community, and I refer you to our Clubrunner page (  to see many of the projects we have undertaken over the years, including our latest building of a suspension bridge across the face of Elk Falls.
We just finished our annual fund raiser (TV auction) netting over $100,000, which we spend on community projects. I hope this gives you an insight to our club and I wish your club the best in the future. I enjoy joining your club weekly meetings when I am away.
Aloha from Hawaii and Thank you.
Inspirational Moment


Vicarious Vacation!
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The rise and fall of a Stanley Cup Champion
A very emotional program; shows you how life can flip on you. It so happens my son works for an organization that helps individuals who have had brain injuries - sad part is that this story is way too common.  Mental health is a real issue and I applaud Rotary E-Club Canada One for putting this out there. One small step in removing the stigma, well done!

John Wojcicki, RC of Edmonton, Alberta, D-5370

Quite touched by the story about Tanya's granddaughter. It teaches us that no one is invincible.
Elly Contreras, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

How will we survive with 10 billion people? I probably won't be here but I do worry for my children and future generations. At our NGO, Creating Opportunities for Guatemalans, our students stuff their inorganic garbage in plastic bottles to be used as bricks in a future construction project. They sew up bean bag chairs and stuff them with used styrofoam. But all this is less than a drop in the bucket unless the whole world gets on board to make drastic changes - which is not likely going to happen. We prefer our comfortable lifestyle even at the great expense of environmental damage.
Vicki Horsfield, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

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Another picture from the December Fellowship Assembly!
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A Little Humour
A doctor, lawyer, and a Rotarian in charge of fundraising all die and arrive at the Pearly Gates about the same time. St. Peter tells them they may each have one thing to take with them to Heaven.
The doctor is first, and asks for $1 million. This is given and proceeds to enter Heaven. The lawyer, not to be outdone, asks for $2 million. "Very well," say St. Peter and opens the gate to Heaven for the lawyer.
Finally, it is time for the Rotarian, who had just finished a fundraising project for The Rotary Foundation. St. Peter asks him what he would like to take to Heaven. The fundraiser moves up very close to St. Peter, and in a soft voice asks, "It it's not too much trouble, could I just have the names of those two people who were ahead of me in line?"

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Donated and Submitted by Jean Michel Crepin
"This music reminds me of the faces of those who loved me and mattered most to me, watching me with my small suitcase boarding a train to the unknown."

Speaker Program

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