Greeter this week:  Elly Contreras

How are we doing as a family?
We often refer to a Rotary Club as our "Rotary Family". 
How much of a family do you really think we are as a club?
In a traditional family, we have Dad, who, let's say, acts as the President, and often as Treasurer. Then there is the Mom; No, let's not give her immediately the role of Secretary. Her role, I would say, is more that of the Membership Chair. Her role is to bring new members into the family (with a little help from Dad of course). She also ensures everyone has a certain responsibility to help Mom and Dad out with their numerous tasks. Plus she serves as Club Director, keeping the family together, organizing events for the family and make sure everyone stays healthy and happy. 
For a Mom and Dad that is a big responsibility. I wonder if that's why in almost all families all members are expected to take on a support role. While Mom cooks, Suzy sets the table; Betty clears the table, Bobby does the dishes, Johnny lets the dog out, Rosie is in charge of keeping the fridge clean, while Billy picks up the trash in the yard. EVERYONE has a task. In a real family it would not be acceptable, if one of the members does not do their part, unless they are the new-born baby. In that case all family members get involved in the growing up part of the baby, by teaching it new things, hugging and loving it, and looking after it when Mom or Dad are not available.
The family members are taught to treat each other with respect and be kind and supportive. There may be the occasional quarrel, but Mom and Dad know better not to get involved, they let the kinds fight it out amongst themselves quietly.
At least once a week, if not daily, all family members get together at the dinner table. They talk about their day, their week, their job, school, or friends. They also bring friends home for fellowship. And when they grow up they bring a boy or girlfriend home, who may later become a member of the family. They always celebrate birthdays and special occasions TOGETHER.
Do you feel we are a real Rotary Family? If not, what will YOU do to change this?
If you read this, you most likely are a real family member, but if you know of someone who is not, reach out to them and invite them to come home once in a while, sit down at the dinner table and help with the dishes.

Inspirational Moment 
Submitted by JP Kamel
November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada
Comments from our Guests and Members
Members and guest attending our weekly meetings are very important to us. Based on your comments we are able to produce many more educational, inspiring and entertaining weekly meetings. 
Following are some of the comments we have received. Would you send us your comments please?
Isaac's blessing of lost sight is similar to the E-Club and how it functions.
We hear from members," I cannot see body language or get the feedback on a skype or Gotomeeting call".
" I don't feel I really know the Rotarians in my club".
Isaac's answer to this type of missing information in his business was to ask people what they think.
Do we as an E-Club have the courage to ask each other what we think about topics and accept and use the differences that may come up as keys to insight and success in group decision making?
Awareness of other points of view can help us know one another better and can be an important part of Rotary Fellowship, harmony and visioning together.
Excellent video and thank you Elly for this.

Lynne Ternosky, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370
As a psychotherapist, Isaac's presentation parallels the message I take daily to my clients when they are struggling! Great stuff indeed!
Velma Noble, RC of Calgary Heritage Park, D-5360

Another great thought provoking program that makes you look at yourself and take ownership of your own reality.  Also helps in going forward in your own reality, as to changes you would like to make.
Phyllip Pressey, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Isaac talks about how he created a reality for himself that said that if he went blind, he would no longer have a real fulfilling life. People are creating realities for themselves and if they believe it, then it becomes reality. Isaac urges everybody to examine their own realities. Look for strengths and weaknesses.
Heljar Hansen, RC of Barrie, D-7010


This year we are celebrating the centennial of the Rotary Foundation. On this occasion, our District 5370 introduced the "Governor's Centennial Foundation Award". The District 5370 Foundation Citation is to be awarded to each Rotary Club in District 5370 that meets the following requirements:
Compulsory: Each club must fundraise or have members contribute to reach the following targets by May 31st of the 2016/17 Fiscal Rotary Year:
1. Every Rotarian Every Year $100 US for the number of active members on July  1st 2016.
2. Polio Plus $20 US for the active members on July 1st 2016
Complete 3 of the following 5
1. Minimum of 2 club members to attend and contribute to the Foundation Walk at the District Conference April 6-8, in Westlock.
2. Hold a club meeting on the Rotary Foundation Annually (preferably in November Foundation Month)
3. Net Increase of 1 or more members enrolled in either, the Paul Harris Society, or Major Donor, Bequest Society or Benefactor.
4. Club President and Foundation Chair or their representative to attend the Paul Harris Society Dinner.
5. The club applies for or participates in a District or Global Grant in the current or immediate past Rotary year.
Any club that complete all 5 in conjunction with the Compulsory two items will receive the District 5370 Foundation Citation with Distinction.
Those are lofty goals that we will discuss during the upcoming weeks.
Jean-Michel Crepin
Rotary Foundation Chair, E-Club of Canada One

Meet Kevin!
During our October Fellowship Assembly members had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Ku, our co-hosted Exchange Student from Taiwan. Kevin came on line during a very well attended Fellowship Assembly with as feature speaker District Governor Laura Morie.
Kevin is scheduled to do his presentation during the weekly meeting of our co-sponsoring Rotary Club Edmonton Whyte Avenue. Coincidently at the same time we have our next Fellowship Assembly. So mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 15, 6:00 pm MST and meet Kevin.
Follow Kevin's blog HERE
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A Little Humor 
Submitted by Gord Lewis

New Members Corner
November is Rotary Foundation Month
Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly Contreras

Rotary members have gone to great lengths, and heights, to raise money for polio eradication. Rotarians in Michigan, USA, and Toronto, Canada, organized a pair of skydives, jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet strapped in tandem with a professional skydiver to raises pledges to help end polio.

Read more HERE

Food for Thought 
"If this Rotary of ours is destined to be more than a mere passing thing, it will be because you and I have learned the importance of bearing with each other's infirmities, the value of toleration."
- Rational Rotarianism, The National Rotarian, January 1911

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Speaker Program 
Submitted by Elly Contreras
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