Greeter this week: Lawrence Green

Hi Everyone, I have been honored to be E-Club of Canada One webmaster for a number of years now. It has been fun and rewarding as well as some great challenges, but I can be much more than that for the club members. I can be a computer resource of almost any kind and it is all free of charge! Have you ever had a computer question and wish you had someone to ask? Have you ever wondered how to change a setting on your computer, but a little unsure of how it all would change things for you? Well I am that someone you can ask any computer question. I know that I am far from an expert on everything on the computer, but if I fail to know the answer, I can usually find it sooner or later given a little time. So feel free to use the resource when you want or need it, because a webmaster can be more than just a webmaster if you ask. You can contact me at

Inspirational Moment 
Submitted by Vicki

Comments from our Guests and Members
Members and guest attending our weekly meetings are very important to us. Based on your comments we are able to produce many more educational, inspiring and entertaining weekly meetings. 
Following are some of the comments we have received. Would you send us your comments please? 

At first I thought I was going to say I enjoyed Lennon and Maisy the best (they were very good singers and fun to watch), but then I strayed to another video on magnets and I enjoyed that even more. Finally I returned to the meeting and was really impressed by Kerin Elazari's TED talk on hackers and their contributions to internet safety.  So I guess I'll have to say I had a great time at your entire meeting (plus a side trip to youtube). 
Fred Nesbitt, RC of Albion, D-7090
We have been involved in water projects in Honduras. They are so fundamentally important to the future of communities everywhere in the world.
John Wilson, RC of Campbell River, D-5020
Active listening, including to oneself, is essential to being honest with oneself and others. Making changes in behavior can happen at any stage of life.
Bob Bendiksen, RC of La Crosse, D-6250
Become more honest about your plies and stop being deceptive to yourself. Life will become more fulfilling and more enjoyable. The only person that you really have to confront about your lies is just yourself.
Michael Thomas, RC of Stony Plain, D-5370
From Rene Cavanagh

FREE! FREE! FREE!  ROTARIANS, INTERACTORS, ROTARACTORS!   I have GREAT NEWS!  The Rotary Club of Edmonton's Walk to End Polio April 23rd, is now a FREE event!  We have changed our registration site to extend to all walkers, young and old, a $0 fee and we ask that you will please work hard to bring in pledges for the event.
YOUTH can walk right over to our event after attending the Rotary District 5370 Youth Summit at the Shaw Centre in the morning! Click HERE for more info on that great opportunity!
We DO NEED YOU TO REGISTER please so we can get an idea of how many will be participating.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!   Bring family and friends  as all are welcome.  OR send me an email to let me know names and who is coming I can register them for you. OR call me at 780 482 5370.

What a great memory making day this will be and you will WANT to be a part of it!  When you choose to join the walk you choose to experience the following:
* You will physically be a part of a monumental worldwide Rotarian effort to rid the world of this terrible childhood disease!
* You will be walking with our current Rotary International President, Ravi Ravindran!  
* You will have great fellowship with fellow Rotarians! 
* You will be part of a visible Rotary movement, creating interest in Rotary and creating new member opportunities within our district!

Let's work together to make this an amazing event! We look forward to seeing you all soon!
From Elly Contreras

Your attendance could earn you Paul Harris Points.
The Rotary E-club of Canada One is excited to announce that all our attending guests who make a donation to our club in lieu of a meal, fines or happy bucks, will have the opportunity to have their name entered in a draw in support of the Rotary Foundation.
When you attend our weekly e-meeting, and make a donation to our club, your name will be entered in a quarterly draw. At the next draw, the club will donate $100.00 on the winner's behalf, earning points to his or her Paul Harris award. Winners will have the opportunity to showcase their club or their favorite Rotary Project in future e-meetings in the form of a Greeter Message.
You can have as many entries as your attendances with a donation. Participants do not need to be a Rotarian.
All participants will be notified via e-mail after the draw. The winner will also be announced in our weekly bulletin.

For questions related to this draw, please contact: PR Chair Elly Contreras  <>

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The Rotary E-club of Canada One
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We thank you for your donation.

A Little Humor 
Submitted by Lynne

New Members Corner
Submitted by Lynne

Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly

Creating peace in Myanmar
I looked around me at the faces of these change makers and felt overwhelmed by happiness, power, and positivity. These everyday people were coming together for a shared cause - peace. They were giving up aspects of their life to become something greater than themselves alone. They were contributing, they were committing, and most importantly, they were changing the world around them.

Food for Thought 
Submitted by JP Kamal

Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.
Rotary Jukebox
For a small donation, your favorite musician will be featured on one of our next e-meetings for everyone to enjoy. 
Every week we'll have a draw and the lucky person will see their song featured!


Donated and Submitted by Jim Ferguson

Canadiana/Speaker Program 
Submitted by Jim

This officially ends this week's meeting
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