February World Understanding Month

Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk

A good and simple way to promote Rotary is to wear something with the Symbol of RI. This can act to initiate conversation about the work of Rotary, it may lead to an invitation to a potential new Rotarian to a future meeting. Knowing the History of Rotary can encourage others to "get involved" in the present.

Our E Rotary Club offers a unique way to be part of RI thru the computer so making it known thru attending a Terra Club for example and explaining our formate in a low key way can be a source of new E Club Members. It can give an opportunity for others to do a make up, it can provide a small donation to our E Club at the same time.



Inspirational Moment
“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and
he will become as he can and should be.”

― Stephen R. Covey

(Submitted by Frank)












Comments from our Guests and Members
Members and guest attending our weekly meetings are very important to us. Based on your comments we are able to produce many more educational, inspiring and entertaining weekly meetings.
Following are some of the comments we have received. Would you send us your comments please?

“As being fairly new to Rotary and this being my first E-Club experience I would say the following is what I enjoyed most:
(1) The convenience of access
(2) The structure and layout of the meeting
(3) Can be read at own pace
(4) Has a more worldly approach

I would share the culture of Rotary to others. The pride and the will to unify communities across the world.”
Matthew Lakusta, RC True North Yellowknife - D5370

“I enjoyed the speaker as well as the other portions of the e meeting available.”
Barry Maskell, RC Whistler - D5040

“I enjoyed Melinda's analysis of why Coke is able  to get anywhere and sell to anyone, and how this can be applied to NGO’s.”
Jeff Barrett, RC Catskill - D7210

“Inspirational meeting, as always -- great to see JP greeting!
Paul Falvo, R E-Club Canada One

Hello Elly, Doug and Lawrence, today I received a very nice note, and a cheque, from Sarah in Coburg, Ontario which I thought I would share with you.

"It was a pleasure to visit Rotary E-Club of Canada One for the first time. I enjoyed it very much and expect to visit often, even when I have used my club's maximum permitted number for eclub makeups. An interesting, enjoyable and very navigable club site. Thank you”. 
Sarah Jacob, RC Cobourg - D7070

Rotary Lost a great friend
(Submitted by Elly)

On January 21st, Past RI Vice President Monty Audenart, wrote me a message;
It read: “This is just a short message to let you know that I have simply " Gone Home". While the Spirit is strong, and I would have loved to stay longer , I have had to lay my body down and walk through the next door.  But then,  life is really all about how we live it, and less about how long we live. I am lucky  to have lived a grand life in the time that  I had.  I have been blessed to have a wonderful family, and so many good friends like you.
Thank you for being a part of my life, and for the many experiences and fun times  we shared and the lessons you taught me. I will surely miss you, but I have faith that in due time we shall meet again. Please pray for my family, and know that I am not too far away”.

Monty who was from Red Deer, in District 5360 will be missed very much. Our thoughts are with Liz and the family.
Read more about Monty HERE

Real Time Meetings
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How do YOU Support our E-Club?
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The Rotary E-club of Canada One
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You too can be part of the weekly meetings
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A Little Humor
Ads from the olden days









New Members Corner
(Submitted by Lynne)

What Paul Harris Wrote
"Delegates from North, South, East and West, delegates from all parts of the United States: We have been called here to organize a national association of Rotary Clubs, and we have a great deal of business to transact." The first statement made to The National Association of Rotary Clubs of America.
Visit the Rotary Global History Fellowship CLICK

Rotary Minute
Inspiring the next Generation of Business Leaders

Before even graduating high school, thousands of students across the United States are learning how to become tomorrow’s business leaders. Rotary clubs across North America conduct Camp Enterprise, a three-day entrepreneurship program in which students participate in workshops, learn from business leaders, and are taught to develop and pitch a business plan. Rotarian and Rotaractor volunteers serve as panelists and mentors, and often forge long-term relationships with these aspiring young leaders.

Food for Thought
A simple thank you goes a long way.

When bosses say “thank you,” employees work 50% harder. It’s true. Thank you also results in reciprocal generosity, where the thanked person is more likely to help the ‘thanker’ and also stimulates pro-social behavior in general. In other words, saying “thanks” increases the likelihood your employee will not only help you, but also help someone else. Harvard Business Review tells of a national law firm that instilled the routine of Partners earnestly and specifically saying, “Thank you,” to staff and associates and even each other. That one change resulted in a significant drop in associate complaints, and most associates became more productive while reports of burnout all but disappeared.

Give someone you work with a sincere thank you. Be sure to thank them for something specific, acknowledge their effort or personal sacrifice, and let them know what it meant personally to you.

Speaker Program

February is Rotary World Understanding an Peace Month
Rotary was built upon the idea of advancing goodwill and understanding – it’s in our mission, and part of everything we do. The Rotary Foundation has six areas of focus, each of which is important. But every one of them depends on peace in the world.

"Building Peace" takes a look at The Rotary Foundation's Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution program. Hear from the Peace Fellows themselves about the program and learn what they are doing now out in the field.












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