Posted by James (Jim) Ferguson
Greeter this week: Peter Denooy
L-R: Peter Denooy and DG Omar Aburto, RI District 4185 (Mexico)

Recently I was involved in a wheelchair distribution in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where kids with several levels of disability were given a chair after it was adjusted to their needs. We also met with several other individuals, Rotarians and non-Rotarians, with whom we exchanged ideas, while learning about initiatives that could benefit many of those with mobility issues.
At this meeting I met Omar Aburto, Governor of District 4185 in Mexico. In his district the group ALEM   is working very closely with Rotary clubs in organizing repair clinics in different cities where people can bring any wheelchair that needs to be repaired or fixed up. The technicians that do the work are all in wheelchairs and this helps tremendously to educate the public that disabled people are not a burden to society, but that they can contribute in a significant way to society. Those that can afford are asked to make donations and they are so successful that the technicians are getting paid for the work they do.
One of the founders of ALEM is a Rotarian, is bilingual and is looking forward to tell us all about their project at possibly one of our fellowship assemblies.

Inspirational Moment
How Eddie Shore's legendary toughness extended off the ice
Those who knew him have said only Eddie Shore could pull off such an impossible feat - in this case, enduring a harrowing, death-defying, 22-hour trek from Boston to Montreal just so he could suit up for a game that his slumping Bruins desperately needed to win. The ordeal featured a traumatized Boston taxi driver, a challenging blizzard, a twice-ditched cab, frostbite and the likelihood of a $200 fine.

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The great talk explaining that solving peace problems is basically a local issue reminded me of my work as a cattle veterinarian where problems on farms would not be solved unless the owner understood the issues and participated in implementing solutions to the (sometimes complex) herd problems.
Peter Denooy, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Reforestation in Brazil, and 1948 RCAF Flyers Olympic Gold
I enjoyed the news that something meaningful is happening in Brazil; also I never knew about the Olympic story.

Karl Wahl, RC of Thunder Bay. D-5580

A perfect example of Rotary "anytime and anywhere" as I attended Elly's E-Club classification talk from LAX enroute to Costa Rica.
Bruce Kleeberger, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Greeter; demonstrates the impact Rotary has internationally with life changing experiences. Inspirational Moment: great story by Kelly Falardeau on self-esteem and Blankets for Burn Kids. Rotary Minute: thanks for the presentation from David Hurt on the 'Story of Polio and Rotary'. Speaker Program: Great stuff....plan career; relationships: self into your's a priority.
Andy Adams, RC of Campbell River, D-5020

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A Little Humour

New Members Corner
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is paying off Nigeria's $76 million polio debt
As Nigeria's battles on to become a polio-free country, Bill and Melinda Gates have taken an extraordinary step to give Africa's largest economy a helping hand through their foundation.

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Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly Contreras
Helping the Poor and Shelterless
In southern Mexico, migrant workers fleeing poverty, civil war, and gang violence are increasingly falling victims to beatings, kidnapping, and even murder.
Measurers designed to safeguard human rights and secure Mexico's southern border have made matters worse on these individuals and families trying to carve out a better life. Rotary scholar Levi Vonk spent time in migrant shelters learning their stories, and explains how Rotary's funding of scholars is helping shed light on the complex issues involved and equip people of action to pursuer solutions.

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Food for Thought

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Donated and Submitted by Lynne Ternosky
"Jack's mother is English and his father is Italian. This music reminds me of Compassionate, loving people I have had the honour to meet through  service in Rotary and other life adventures.
Beautiful isn't it? Happy Friendship and Peace Month.
It begins within each of us."

Speaker Program
Submitted by Vicki Horsfield

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