At the beginning of September 1990 I accepted an invitation to join Rotary. For much of the time since then I have been a very active member. I loved the purpose that Rotary gave me. It took me a while to find it as deeply as I experience it now, but it grew and grew. There was an ever-increasing need and I became more and more aware that a life full of self-centered pleasures was unfulfilling. Why ROTARY? Well, global reach was one reason, seeing w...hat Rotary was achieving from A to Z, locally and globally, was another. Meeting some great people and associating with them in a unified purpose was another, new friends, a wider world, a highly respected banner to unify under. Results. Results like being THIS close to ending Polio on this planet by global hands-on immunization from polio.
It's been 25 years with a small break. My area of interest has been International Service with a special emphasis on Youth Service. Being an effective Rotarian requires some commitment, and the old image of Rotary as a stuffy, all male club for rich business people has been so wrong for so long, thankfully. We are no longer required to attend weekly meetings on the other side of town, wear suits and eat bad food. Rotary is both at the beginning of and in the middle of major change. More and more clubs are meeting online, with membership spread far and wide and this kind of modern, mixed gender means of delivering Rotary service is quite literally exploding with new E-Clubs (as the online clubs are called) being chartered all the time. We are still figuring out this transition, with a lot more freedom to make our Rotary fun while we serve our local and global communities.
If YOU are looking for a new challenge in your life, if you have spare energy, and care about what is happening in our world today, talk to a Rotarian, talk to me, and let's see if Rotary can meet your needs. Send me a message here or email me at
I will help you to identify a Rotary Club you may be welcome in, be it of traditional nature or an E-Club, wherever you are on this planet
This video to me epitomizes the joy I find in Rotary. I hope it grabs you too.

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I enjoyed the program, delivered in a very entertaining way.  Many truths and lessons to be taken away from her message.  I enjoyed the variety of information, including the Rotary Jukebox - great idea, thank you!
Tommy Faust, Fairhope, Alabama

Interesting video from South Africa tv. Having been in South Africa and visited a hospital on a Rotary project I know first hand that in South Africa the Rotarians are a very energetic and committed people.
David Werrett, Rotary E-Club of Canada One

As a math major myself, I truly enjoyed seeing Jacob be so excited about his journey and love for mathematics. To witness him just being himself, and sharing his story of autism and his perspective that we can all learn in our own unique ways. I really enjoyed his program.  Additionally, I loved the other videos on your site too-- the induction of the new member in the iron lung was very moving.
Kristi Govertsen, East Portland Rotary, D-5100

Simon's talk reinforced many of the ideas I have attempted to use in my career. Engaging others ensures they will move forward with you rather than losing interest because they don't share the same interests.
Don Smith, Bracebridge, D-7010
Two very moving stories in the Peru Water Project and Nico's Story. I also found the comment about the 30 year old Rotarian attempting to do a make up to be very interesting, but a sad comment on the perception of  Rotary in some communities. Too bad all clubs couldn't be as vibrant as yours!
Robert Boyden, Rotary Club of Canmore, D-5360

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