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Rotary is an amazing organization!! I have been a member only since August of 2015. But since then, I have had the opportunity to attend the meetings of a couple of different clubs in Montreal, Quebec. I have also attended meetings in Nanaimo, BC, Bellevue, Washington, Grant's Pass, Oregon, and in California, I went to meetings in both San Francisco and Santa Rosa. I have also attended several meetings of the Antigua Rotary Club in Guatemala. Even though I still feel like a "Newbie", I was always welcomed like one of the clan wherever I went.
My reason for attending so many different clubs was to raise awareness about the poverty in Guatemala and how the level of poverty prevents a lot of children from attending school. As most of you know, I run an organization to help some of those children stay in school. So my hope was that some of the clubs I spoke to would help support programs in our organization, which many have. What surprised me beyond measure, though, was how many individual members came forward on their own to personally contribute funds for supplies and equipment to run our programs. And best of all, my own beloved club, Rotary E Club of Canada 1, surprised me at our Christmas Fellowship Assembly! Members had collaborated among themselves to put together funds to present a cheque for our charitable organization. And the icing on that beautiful cake was a video of our organization produced by our own Elly Contreras. If you haven't already seen it, have a look. She did an awesome job!

Non-Rotarians out there should take another look at Rotary. To be among people who care and are willing to put their time and energy into making important, long-lasting changes in the world, Rotary is the place to be!!
From the book "Forces for Good" by Crutchfield and MacLeod Grant, "...we need dramatic change if we are to solve the complex global problems that plague us today....Doing anything less would squander this momentous opportunity we have to advance the greater good."
Rotarians are the ones making those dramatic changes!!

Inspirational Moment
Submitted by Lynne Ternosky

Submitted by Frank Yakimchuk
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A nice posting from Anre Mc Intosh,
We exemplify our child to so through one's own life.
Not through words, they observe us. What we do every day.
At my old club the family was a part of the activities. So they saw what we do in out leisure, help us and have much fun.
Thank you Anre for the nice story.

Sabine Gueffroy, RC Riesa Elbland, Germany, D-1880

The Girl who Silenced the world. It is time for action but who will do what when...
Newton Grey, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Although I read, and watched, all the materials for that week's meeting, Youn's presentation on 3 reasons we can address poverty had the most powerful impact. He talks about the global scale of abject poverty in the world - 1 billion people. And he talks about the organizations that help local farmers provide for their families and communities. His description of the 'levers' that are available to us to help address poverty (the tools, and delivering the resources) got me thinking about how perhaps Rotarians around the world could channel the same motivation and efforts that they have to eradicate polio, to eradicating poverty. Youn speaks about this - he calls it political will.
Ginette Thomas, RC of East Ottawa, D-7040


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New Members Corner
Submitted by Elly Contreras

Rotary Youth Exchange changed my life
Lost in the middle of a bustling street in Bangkok during her youth exchange year in Thailand, Kate Roff was approached by a stranger who helped her navigate the intricate bus system and get home. In her post for Rotary Voices, Roff explains how the goodness she witnessed that year gave her hope for the future and inspired her to pursue a career reporting on peace builders.

Read Kate's Blog HERE

Read about Youth Exchange HERE

Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly Contreras

Message from RID Dean Rohrs
RI  Director and Vice President Elect Dean recently addressed our E-Club during our 4th Anniversary celebration. Each month Dean write an article in the Zone Newsletter. In the March issue she wrote the following:

During recent training sessions at the International, Zone as well as District levels, there was one word that kept coming up - and that is - MEMBERSHIP. The rezoning and the latest North American membership statistics just highlight the decline of membership in Rotary in North America. We have a serious problem and if we do not do anything about it now - we will only have ourselves to blame.
We need to change the way we do Rotary, rather than ask prospective and new members to change to our traditional ways. If we do not have a product that is exciting and value based for our customers, we are going to go bankrupt - and that is what I fear for Rotary in North America. We have some amazing success stories of membership growth and new and vital clubs in our Districts, but we need many more of these. Ask your District and Zone Membership Coordinators - get them involved - and they will help us succeed.
There is a quote that always resonates with me: Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying - "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world."

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