Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk Sergeant at Arms

Walter Dann is a good friend of mine, who developed Polio at a young age in the early 1950's, the disease badly damaged his one leg, the Doctors suggested to his parents that perhaps by amputating the bad leg that he would grow to a more normal height and weight. His parents went against that advice and Walter learnt to live with a metal brace on his underdeveloped leg.
Walter was able to overcome his "disability" with hard work and a recognized stubborn streak. He was able to play softball as a pitcher and win medals on the "still rings" in gymnastics. Walter never thought of himself as being "handicapped", he went on to gain international success, especially in weight lifting, track and field.
Following is an excerpt from the Halifax Herald dated, August 27, 2012 referring to the Pam America Games held in Halifax during August of 1982 at Saint Mary's University. 
"Walter Dann of Halifax won a gold medal in weightlifting and a bronze in the discus. These performances were part of an outstanding career which would see him named to the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame after winning more than 100 medals in international competition."
We can now turn every dollar donated to Polio Plus before Dec. 15, 2013 into two matching streams; your donation and the anonymous matching donation, each being matched 1 to 6. This is a tremendous windfall opportunity and we are asking for your help. 
I am calling on the Members of our Rotary E-club of Canada One to take a moment to support Polio Plus; 
Support Polio Victims like, Walter Dann and donate by clicking HERE  and follow the steps
Francis Yakimchuk,
Sgt at Arms
Inspirational Moment 
Submitted by Chris Langley

Let’s hear from our Guests and Members
Each week we receive comments from guests and members, who attend our e-meetings. We like to share some of these comments with you.
“The e-club is a wonderful way to do a make up. The Alliance for Smiles Program was great. Often when we are not affected by such things we can forget those who are in need. Bless those who work on this mission.”
Lorne Crozon, RC Regina Oskaya – D5550
“I particularly enjoyed the short Shelterbox video and have personally donated as well as our club is working on a fundraiser for typhoon relief in the Phillipines”.
Dennis Armitage, RC Dawson Creek Sunrise – D5370

Preparing your Classification Talk/Presentation
A great way to share information about your vocation is to give a classification talk and each member is invited/expected/required to present a classification talk within six months after they join our e-club.
Several of our members already completed the classification talk, these can be viewed on our website here.
You may prepare your classification talk in text, Power Point or Video or book your time with our Sergeant at Arms at one of our upcoming Fellowship Assemblies and present live.
Read more about the history of Classification talks and how to prepare HERE 

Board Meeting
Our next fellowship and board meeting is Monday, December 2, All members are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. Your opinion is important! Join us at 4:30 Pacific Time 5:30 Mountain Time. Contact President Bruce or for directions to attend the e-meeting or check this weeks eBulletin.
At this time elections for 2014-15 Rotary Executive Positions will also be held.
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A Little Humor 
Billy Bob and Luther were talking one afternoon when Billy Bob tells Luther, "Yaw know, I reckon I'm 'bout ready for a winter vacation. Only this year I'm gonna do it a little different. The last few years, I took your advice about where to go; Three years ago you said to go to Hawaii . I went to Hawaii and Earlene got pregnant. 
Then two years ago, you told me to go to the Bahamas , and Earlene got pregnant again. 
Last year you suggested Tahiti and damned if Earlene didn't get pregnant again." 
Luther asks Billy Bob, "So, what you gonna do this year that's different?" 
"I'm taking Earlene with me." 

Fellowship Corner
On Nov 20 I was a guest at the Rotary Club of Iqaluit, on Baffin Island. I handed out my Rotary E-Club business cards and invited their members to join us anytime for an E-Club meeting. Do you have Rotary business cards? Contact Elly or Paul for details on how to get yours!
Have you been to a meeting of a terra club? Tell us how it went!
Dec 18, Ross and Darlene Hallett are hosting a gathering of E-Clubers in Edmonton. Will you be in town? All welcome. How about hosting a gathering in your town? Send us the details!
New Members Corner
One Rotary
Using a Simple Concept to Build Highly-Effective Clubs
“One Rotary” is a concept of integrating work teams that is familiar to many Rotarians from their professions.  Businesses often use a similar approach for the purpose of increasing effectiveness and efficiency of work to improve outcomes.
Although the general concept may be familiar, the term “One Rotary” may not be well known. One Rotary could be described as:
*   A highly-coordinated way to conduct Rotary service and increase effectiveness of clubs
*   A highly-efficient and effective approach to doing Rotary business in all areas of our organization
It could also be described as a holistic approach to Rotary: “emphasizing the whole and the interdependence of its parts.”
All areas of Rotary affect each other as illustrated by the RI strategic plan. One Rotary maximizes the effect already occurring by integrating all Rotary activities for mutual support. It is an especially powerful tool for building strong membership engagement and attraction strategies.
One Rotary brings both internal and external benefits. One integrated action supports multiple outcomes.  
In addition to being more efficient, it communicates Rotary more effectively to Rotarians and the outside world though one integrated direction. It enhances a club’s membership, visibility, partners, support and service.  
Bottom line, One Rotary helps build stronger Rotary through more vibrant, efficient and effective clubs.
Service + Public Image + Membership + Foundation + Administration = Effectiveness, Vibrancy and Impact
For more information and further links, see the One Rotary page on Great Ideas To Share.
Food for Thought 
For those who plan on traveling by plane the winter. you will enjoy this video:

Sergeant at Arms Corner
Our e-club’s Christmas Fellowship Assembly is fast approaching, and has been suggested, that we should all think about the good times that we have associated with past Festive Seasons. I really like the idea of our members sharing their memories, because Christmas meant a great deal to me and my family, especially my Mother who went "hog wild" with dolls from different Countries on display, a full sized tree with ornaments, starting from my birth year going forward as well as visits from both relatives and neighbours. 
While living in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia from the early 1980's until 2008, time was always put aside to visit the Slaunwhites who put on a "House Party" for Christmas Eve. This Soiree included singers, guitar players and fiddlers who would "jam" into the wee hours once a year. Not to forget, seafood chowder, rich deserts and punch for all who gathered for their version of "Fellowship".
Please plan to attend our E Club December 16th Fellowship Assembly and bring your best stories and experiences from your past Christmas Celebrations.
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