Greeter this week: Delwen Stander
Rotary involves a life of sharing, almost invariably with like-minded, kind, and compassionate people.
Recently, my wife, Veronica, and I had the delightful experience of welcoming our first grandchild into our now extended family, when my son’s wife gave birth to a little girl in the Chilliwack Hospital.  It was a bitter sweet experience, as the last time I had been in that hospital was two days before my father passed away last year.  My thoughts of his death were with me, while we awaited the coming of a new life into this world, and on her arrival later that day, I thought of how much her great grandfather would have loved to have seen her born.  It truly is the greatest of earthly cycles – death is followed by life, and life by death, over and over again.
Throughout this cycle, for me as a Rotarian, I have had the great privilege and comfort to be surrounded by friends who genuinely cared for me, my family, our joys, and our sorrows.  When my kids were small, Rotarians at the bark mulch sale, or the car show, or the picnic, tolerated and encouraged their participation.  When we have had anniversaries, Rotarians have reveled with us in our long and successful marriage (a common accomplishment, I might add, for our R.I. membership).  When my father died, Rotarians were in great number at his funeral, and a source of strength and consolation.  And when my granddaughter was born, some of the first congratulations, and most wonderful sentiments, came from my Rotary club.
I wonder if Paul Harris and the other founders ever envisaged how their little service club would one day involve the intricate networking of so many thousands of people, whose energies and synergy would so positively impact not only the health of our world, but also the wellbeing of the membership itself?
I submit that those who have never truly experienced what it is to be a Rotarian, have never been blessed with the wonderful support and camaraderie that individuals receive from their fellow club members - their Rotary family and friends.

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Program was particularly compelling this week-especially Brene Brown!  A great deal to think Rotarians, how will we exercise Wholeheartedness!

Sue Croft, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

It is a sad thing for Canada that Sun News channel, and Mr. Levy, are no longer on the air.  They provided a valuable and thoughtful perspective, and this program is just one example of that.
Delwen Stander, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

This is a powerful message on how we should think about charities to be shared with others!
Zora Savic, Rotary Club of Windsor, D-6400

Enjoyed the meeting and will promote it to my Club members for make-ups.
Enjoyed the guest speaker and his points relating to how charities can benefit from using the methods of for-profit corporations.  Excellent speaker!

Dolorosa Dollard, Stephenville Rotary Club, D-7820

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