Greeter this week: Frank Yakimchuk
Picture of E-Club members in a photo booth at the 2015 Dawson Creek 5370 District Conference

If you have a chance to attend your Rotary District Conference it may really help you to get to know more about the World of Rotary. You can expect to meet new folks, get to know your own Rotary Club's Membership, especially if you belong to an E- Club whose Members are more spread out. Listen to inspiring Presenters like our Canadian Astronaut, Col Chris Hadfield, or our own PDG and Charter President, Elly Contreras, who spoke with great passion about "Project Amigo".
Recently I did attend our District 5370 Rotary Conference. I purposely decided to travel from Edmonton to Dawson Creek by Charter Bus with ADG, Terry in control, food was plentiful and non alcoholic drinks a plenty. President Elect Paul was permitted to explain the workings of our E Club with support from President Jim and VP, Frank. This went over very well at little or no expense.
Please be sure to check with your E- Club Board for the details of District 5370's next Conference, you won't be sorry!
Inspirational Moment
Submitted by Lynne and Vicki
Submitted by Vicki Horsfield
President Jim had the honour of racing in the "Top of the World Ski Championships" in Inuvik where one of the Firth sisters broke one of his borrowed ski's (No; not over his head), and also trained with the Firth sisters in Fort Smith, N.W.T.
These ladies were very, very fast and also very well respected for their athletic ability and their character.
They are true Canadian heroes!
Comments from our Guests and Members
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I always say "a child is born with a clean slate. It is what the adults in his life do (or don't do) that messes him up. Those early years of development in a child's life are so crucial - not only from the standpoint of nutrition but even more importantly from nurturing and love he receives from his parents/caregivers.
Vicki Horsfield, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

Yes our power to change things is within us. We simply need to find it and take steps to make change happen using our skills.
A team however working together can take on the world if they are like minded and respectful of each other and have a space to use their skills for the betterment of the teams goals.
I think Rotary and making partnerships is a great team maker.

Lynne Ternosky, Rotary E-Club of Canada One, D-5370

This fellow has a basic yet unique way of helping to solve the clean drinking water issue.
Larry Pangborn, RC of Sylvan Lake, D-5360
I appreciated how Paul is challenging the current approaches to running corp. for profit only while ignoring 5/6 of world population., and how it is possible to have low price, high volume, & high margins.
Velma Noble, RC of Calgary Heritage Park, D-5360
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A Little Humor
Submitted by Vicki
Sex Ed Class, 1929
New Members Corner
December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month!
Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly

As a past convention attendee, you know each convention is special. I attended my first convention nearly 30 years ago in Las Vegas, and they get better and better each year. Like you, I enjoy seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing my passion for Rotary. The Seoul convention 28 May--1 June, 2016 is sure to be the best yet.
I personally invite you to join me in Seoul to connect with new friends and new ideas, and be inspired to "Be a Gift to the World."
Remember to take advantage of early registration savings by 15 December and register today.
See you in Seoul!

Food for Thought
Submitted by Lynne

Rotary Jukebox
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Neil Young just turned 70, here is how he sounded more than 4 decades ago.
Donated and Submitted by Doug Dyer
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