Greeter this week: Biswanath Chakrabarty

Everyone has his or her reasons for joining Rotary. It can range from trying something new with their extra time to pursuing their core beliefs by participating in one cause or another. For me, it was an opportunity to further my practice of service above self. In the past I have had various opportunities to partake in volunteering for and supporting causes that are dear to my heart. After joining Rotary, I have had the opportunity to diversify my participation and partake in other projects. Most recently, our club has approved and sent funds to the institution named Gadadhar Pathshala, situated in a remote village of West Bengal, India. The funds we have provided have allowed them to accept 40 students who, otherwise, would not have been able to receive the environment of education. These children come from impoverished backgrounds, and often end up leaving the education system prematurely. They often cannot go far in life due to their unfortunate circumstances. The teachers and administrators in Gadadhar Pathashla provide these children with a traditional as well as cultural education free of charge. Furthermore, they provide nourishment to these children through a daily meal. In short, they give these children the opportunities that they would be otherwise deprived of.  For me, Rotary has provided the opportunities to make a difference on a larger scale. This project has allowed me to take part in helping 40 children in pursuing their individual dreams and to make a difference, which simply I could not have performed without our Rotary E-Club.  This is reason why I am proud to be a Rotarian.

Inspirational Moment 
Submitted by Vicki

April 9th is Vimy Ridge Day in Canada

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I am a lover of TED talks and this was a good one.  This speaker looked into the philosophy of dying and took a glimpse of the process from a different perspective.  Although death is necessary for all human beings it is best met with compassion, a sense of 'play', and a healing/closure perspective.  
My favourite part (especially as a health care provider myself) is his focus on the positive as opposed to the negative.  He say's "make life more wonderful, instead of less horrible"; "live not in spite of death but because of it.  
One of my favourite philosophical viewpoints as a chiropractor is: you can't fight the darkness, you must turn on a light; you can't fight disease [death], you must turn on life.  
This talk definitely resonated with me. :)

Kara Hoffsuemmer, RC of Barrie, D-7010

Convenience of being able to view on line as I'm currently in hospital.
Warren Creighton, RC of West Ottawa, D-7040

The speaker emphasized the pay-offs of listening - deeper and more meaningful relationships, conflict resolution, joy and happiness. Sounds so simple but with the 'busy-ness' of our culture, we often do not take time to listen. Something we need to get back to.
Vicki Horsfield, Rotary Club of Canada One, D-5370
We all like to think we live in a good country. That our daily lives are in some way improving the world as a whole. Mr. Anholt's speech about what a good nation truly is was a great eye opener and makes one look at their own country as well as the world a little differently.
Simon Anholt, RC of Western Fort Worth, D-5790


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New Members Corner
April is Maternal and Child Health Month

Rotary Minute
Submitted by Elly

District leaders prepare to celebrate Foundation’s Centennial:
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A celebration of The Rotary Foundation centennial in 2016-17 will officially kick off in May at the Rotary Convention in Korea. Incoming leaders are already planning to lead their districts in the celebration. They received encouragement from Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith during Rotary’s annual training event in San Diego.

Watch a video about the Centennial by clicking HERE 
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Food for Thought 
Submitted by Rashmani

“In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance.” 
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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Donated and Submitted by Vicki Horsfield

Speaker Program 
Submitted by JC Reyes

Following with the theme set by our President Jim, we look at the logic and reality of being wrong and our fear of being wrong.

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