Greetings from Skeleton Lake, Alberta! 
As Service Director for our fledgling e-club, I've had enquiries from members as how to get involved in Service. Service can start anywhere, wherever the need arises.
As an example, my wife and I recently moved from Spruce Grove, Alberta to Skeleton Lake, 2 hours N.E. of Edmonton.
Having been in our house for 24 years, our neighbours were well aware of the long hours of packing and sorting that was going on, in order to facilitate the move.
The day that we rented a moving truck, one of our neighbours sent some youth from the church to help us with the loading.
With their cheery, invaluable help, the loading process went very smoothly.
A fine example of Community Service at it's best!
CLICK HERE for a beautiful video clip

This Is How Empty Canada Really Is. CLICK HERE

Comments from our Guests and Members
“I appreciate that you have combined text with video.  Your program content is very powerful.  Congratulations on your project TUK--we change the world through our children!”
Sue Croft, CR Orillia – D7010
“Two things stand out in this weeks meeting.  The video of the Syrian children broke my heart.  I really am speechless.  I also liked the New Members Rotary Corner. Thank-you for continuing these pieces. I find them very helpful.”
JP Kamel, Rotary E-club Canada One
“I enjoyed the piece on complimenting people.  It is a simple thing to do but easy to forget.  The reminder is great. I also loved the image and quote of Robin Williams on Canada.”
Chantale Doucette-Chalifoux, RC Grande Prairie Swan City – D5370
“I am glad I am back doing makeups after a busy summer of non attendance at a Rotary meeting. I spent time reading "polio update." I also learned about "Life in Tuktoyaktuk", literacy project and the Dolly Parton Library which I find so interesting.”
Judi Jones, RC Weyburn, (Sask) – D5550
Here we grow again.
One of the highlights of our Fellowship Assemblies is the induction of new members and watching our club grow.
On August 25th, DG Linda Robertson, together with several members if the District Board attended our Fellowship Assembly and inducted Al Fedoriak and Agamani Chakrabarty 
Al, a retired tour bus line owner from Whitehorse, is a Past District Governor and brings lots of experience with him. He will be serving on the Foundation Committee with Gord Lewis.
Mani is a business administrator with the Canadian Housing & Mortgage Society and also attends University in Edmonton.
We look forward to getting to know Al and Mani better through their future classification talk.
Board Meeting
Our next fellowship and board meeting is Monday September 8. All members are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. Your opinion is important! Join us at 4:30 Pacific Time 5:30 Mountain Time. Contact President Doug or for directions to attend the e-meeting, which will also be posted in the weekly bulletin.
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New Members Corner
Definition of Rotary
How do you describe the organization called "Rotary"? There are so many characteristics of a Rotary club as
well as the activities of a million Rotarians. There are the features of service, internationality, fellowship,
classifications of each vocation, development of goodwill and world understanding, the emphasis of high
ethical standards, concern for other people and many more.
In 1976 the Rotary International Board of Directors was interested in creating a concise definition of the
fundamental aspects of Rotary. They turned to the three men who were then serving on Rotary's Public
Relations Committee and requested that a one-sentence definition of Rotary be prepared. After numerous
drafts, the committee presented this definition, which has been used ever since in various Rotary publications:
"Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian
service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.'
Those 31 words are worth remembering when someone asks, "What is a Rotary club?"
Rotary Minute

If you wish to sponsor a child please CLICK HERE
Food for Thought 
WHAT IF…taking a break from the stresses of your day to chat makes you smarter?
 I’m a talker. I can’t help it. It’s in my nature. I love to talk. That’s probably why I was thrilled to learn that talking actually makes you smarter. No, I’m not kidding. Studies show that simply talking to other people in casual, non-confrontational ways for 
just 10 minutes a day improves our performance on cognitive tasks. So the next time someone calls you a smart mouth, thank them.
TRY THIS: Think of three people you see on a regular basis, and come up with one question you could ask to get them chatting. (It's more likely to work if it's a specific question, like "What drew you to live in California?" or "What piece did your daughter play at her recital?") Strike up a conversation with each of these people this week, and tell us how it makes you feel.
-Will Marré
Speaker Program 

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