E-Club of Canada One

During the week of October 5 to 11 Rotary International Celebrates RECONNECT 2020.

All Rotary Alumni from across the globe are invited to partake in their former (or future) host Club events.

The Rotary E-Club of Canada One invites all prospective E-Satellite Club Members to join us for fellowship, meet their mentors and share smiles.

Feel free to invite former youth Exchange students, Peace scholars, RYLA and RYPEN participants and former Interactors or Rotaractors or any person between the age of 18 and 45 who may be interested in Rotary.

Join us on Thursday October 8 for Fellowship and Fun

(Using the Canadian Time Clock) 

7:00 am Pacific Time

8:00 am Mountain Time

9:00 am Central Time

10:00 am Easter time

Use this link to join in: https://zoom.us/j/709771987