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Tamarack Junction Casino
Every Tuesday @ 6 p.m. located at:

13101 S. Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89511  (Map)
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President Ken Petring
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RCS Rotary Foundation Inc. is a (501) (C) (3) Nevada non-profit corporation. The Foundation was established in 2009 for the purpose is to oversee fundraising activities and charitable contributions of the Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset.  The RCS Rotary Foundation Inc., distributes 80% of the net amount raised each year to the Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset. How the funds are spent each year is at the discretion of the current Club President and the Board of Directors of the Club. The remaining 20% is conservatively invested by the Foundation.
My first exposure to Rotary was as a high school student, competing in speech contests. I won my first Rotary Club contest, and took home a desk pen set with the Rotary emblem on it. It looked so official and grown up.  I appreciated Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs for inviting me and other students to speak to them, for fostering our skills, and showing that they were interested in what we had to say. And, let's be honest, taking home trophies or money, along with bragging rights, was also pretty cool. (Yes, I still have my trophies.)

A Message about RYE...from a mom and a counselor

The idea of sending your child off to another country may seem terrifying to some, or a rite or passage to another, but in a way it is a matter of trust most of all.


“As long as we have books, we are not alone.”  Laura Bush
“When I walk out of a library with my arms full of books, I feel rich.”  My mom
Interesting words came out of the last decade, including binge-watching, mansplaining, autotuned, and guyliner.  Have you used any or all of these in your day-to-day speech lately?  What new words are going to be added to our vocabulary in our new decade?
In the December issue of The Rotarian, “The Sustainability Challenge” captured my attention.  The word “sustainability” has become popular in the last few years and addresses the ability to maintain at a certain level. The article summarized a Rotary-USAID water and sanitation project in Ghana over the last 10 years.  They reviewed the work that was done and more importantly, discussed lessons learned in order to make the project more successful as they move forward.
Recently, we received notice of a price increase at Zeppelin that we just couldn't afford.  After much discussion and consideration, we have decided that, effective with the January 14th meeting, we will be moving back to the Tamarack Junction Casino for our Tuesday meetings.
Happy New Year!
As 2019 closes, I think back on the many things we have done for our community in the past six months.  Here are some of them:
It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t slow down the Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset!
Some of our longer-tenured members may remember Christina Pascucci, a local television journalist who left the club to become a reporter for KTLA, Channel 5, in Los Angeles.
On July 27th, Christina was awarded an L.A. Area Emmy as part of that same Channel 5 new team.  Our heartiest congratulations to Christina!
One of our charter members was past-president Carol Eastwick, who left our club when her husband, Jack, retired and they wanted to travel.  Carol always used to call me “the Charter Daddy”, so that moniker stuck.
On October 2nd, our regular meeting was held at Total Wines in Reno so club members could learn about fine Italian wines.
In the spring of 2004, there were five Rotary Clubs in the Truckee Meadows. The Rotary Club of Reno met at noon on Mondays at Harrah’s, Reno Central met for lunch on Tuesdays at the Peppermill, the Rotary Club of Sparks met at the Nugget for lunch, Reno South was a lunch club that met at the Atlantis and the Reno Sunrise Club met for breakfast at the Holiday Hotel. Underserved times were “evening” and “breakfast” meetings and underserved areas were the growing south part of Reno and the emerging northeast part of Sparks.
The Purple Pinkie Run is our annual fundraiser. Since it is the only fundraiser we need to put on the best event possible, and that takes everyone’s participation. Proceeds from the event go towards Polio Plus, Immunize Nevada, the RCS Foundation, and our clubs own annual philanthropic endeavors.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  This quote from George Santayana has been both misquoted and attributed to various people.  Regardless of the version or ‘author’ you’ve heard, the underlying principle remains: if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we’ll probably repeat them.
On Tuesday, July 23rd, our club hosted Rotary Means Business at Eddy House, where our own Kelly Peterson-Cruse is the Director of Donor Relations and Administration.  
Do you have a hobby, activity, vocational interest that you are passionate about? Would you like to connect with other Rotarians that share that interest?
Mark Schauss and I had some fun with a classic song featured in the movie "White Christmas".  Past President Scott loved to tell jokes and stories about life in the Army during our meetings.  How could Mark, David and I resist, but to make a little parody to "Gee I Wish I Was Back in the Army"?

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