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  A Brief History of the Alturas Sunrise Rotary
 The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise was chartered in 1997. Prior to being chartered Alturas had one club that met on Tuesdays at noon. The Sunrise club was established to better meet the needs and schedules of the members.
Sunrise continues to participate in Community projects with The Rotary Club of Alturas.
   The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise is a diverse collection of civic-minded business and professional community leaders who meet each week for fellowship, professional enrichment, and the opportunity for service. The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise provides an opportunity for business development networking with a variety of community business leaders and professionals. Rotarians help each other and collectively help others; The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise offers a wealth of friendship opportunities with the most active citizens in our community. In an increasingly complex world, Rotary provides one of the most basic human needs for friendship and fellowship. The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise is an adult recess where members take a break from their professions to join other community leaders in an exciting atmosphere, learning from provocative speakers and sharing ideas in a collegial and personal setting. The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise has joined with Rotarians worldwide through Rotary International's Polio Plus Program to certify the world poliovirus free. Additionally we have joined with other Rotarian Clubs for International projects including Water Well Development in Africa, Eye Glasses Programs, and Literacy programs in South Africa at the South Hampton High School Computer Lab and Watertown’s 11 School Libraries, etc.
   The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise bases its membership on a classification system for businesses or professions. This system ensures a wide cross section of community representation and provides a unique opportunity for members to meet individuals from outside their own professions. The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise meets every Thursday morning to hear from speakers on timely issues and enjoy the fellowship of other top professionals from the community.
   The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise has and continues to perform Community improvement projects. Examples of past projects are: Alturas Rotary Youth Park development; Warnerview Convalescent Hospital patio and gazebo; Alturas Rotary Youth Park Announcers Booths, Alturas Rotary Youth Park Batting Cage Wind Breaks, Project Get Warm Senior Electric Blankets, My School Preschool ADA Entrance Ramp & Yard Fence, etc.
The Rotary Club of Alturas Sunrise sponsors the following annual programs: Modoc High School Senior Student of the Month, Modoc Elementary/Middle School 5th, 6th, & 8th Grade Math & Science Award program; Adopt-A-Senior program; Punt, Pass & Kick; Snow Blast; etc.