Rotary Club of Truckee Sunrise

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Our major annual fundraiser is the Truckee Chili Cookoff which is a major social events in the community attracting over 15 contestants and feeding and entertaining hundreds of visitors and locals alike. 

 Throughout the year we host smaller events such as the Senior Christmas Dinner.

2012 Winners 


Cookoff Winners 

Cookoff Winners

Club Helps Sponsor The Day of the Dead Festival

For the past 4 years the club has sponsored The Day of the Dead (Dias de las Muertes). This event was a celebration of our beloved ancestors.  Members brought photos of those who had gone before and other mementos to adorn our alter at this great event.

Day of the Dead 

Help Us Support Our Local and International Causes


Truckee Rotary Foundation                                                          682.00

Family Resource Center                                                               250.00

Halloween Candy                                                                          77.87

Truckee Community Christmas                                                    250.00

Senior Christmas Party                                                                118.96

Betsy Watson Scholarship                                                         1,000.00

Literacy Programs                                                                       379.26

SELS Yosemite Program                                                              350.00

Sierra High School Scholarship                                                     500.00

Sierra Senior Services                                                                  266.11

Family Resource Center                                                               250.00


Youth Service

RYLA                                                                                         625.00

Youth Exchange                                                                        1,110.00

ACMS - College Tours for Middle School Kids                                250.00

Speech and Music Contests (Club and Area)                                    440.00

Drama Club Donation                                                                    250.00

Dictionary Program                                                                    1,839.60

International Service

Group Study Exchange                                                                  166.63


Community Service

Earth Day Flyer Translation                                                            160.00

Graffiti Removal                                                                              32.46

Rotarians at Work                                                                          488.37\


2011 Total                                                                              9,486.26