Eaton Dunkelberger -- Sierra Nevada Journeys

Prior to becoming the CEO of Sierra Nevada Journeys, Eaton led operations and then a business unit for a healthcare IT software startup incubated by McKesson Corporation (Fortune 15) which grew from 12 to more than 300 employees, over 5 years. Prior to McKesson, Eaton started two businesses in Kabul, Afghanistan, providing outsourced recruiting for companies (like Coca Cola Bottling and Serena Hotels) and government agencies (like the UN and US Military) to implement successful Afghan hiring programs.

Eaton is a USMC veteran, and served as an Infantry Platoon Commander in Iraq in 2003. He earned an MBA at London Business School, BS in Biology from Stanford University, and was a researcher at the Brookings Institute. Eaton currently is a board member for Sky Tavern, a nonprofit ski and snowboarding learning program. Also, he formerly served on the Board of the Marines’ Memorial Club and Hotel in San Francisco. Eaton lives in Reno, NV with his wife Kate, children Pete and Alice, and is an avid fly fisherman and cross country skier.