Ali, our exchange student from France in 2010-2011, was visiting the club and gave us a quick update on what she has been doing.  She
is continuing to work towards becoming a doctor and spent her summer working as a tour guide in a castle giving tours in English and
French. It was great to see her. We hope to see here often.

If you know someone that is interested in becoming an exchange student, here is a quick overview of the selection process.

The procedure is that you apply for Rotary Youth Exchange through the Rotary Club of Quincy.  The normal time frame is for our club to start
the selection process starting in September, and completing the process by the middle of October.  If you are selected as an RYE Candidate,
you and at least one parent are required to attend a District RYE Briefing Meeting on October 20th.  The meeting will probably be in Incline
Village.  At that meeting you will learn about the costs of the program, about the country selection process, about your travel arrangements,
and how to fill out the full RYE application. The application is due at the end of November, and the second weekend in December you and at
least one parent must attend the District RYE Interviews. This is a one hour interview in Reno.