Amy Schulz returned from a service trip to Uganda where she had met and worked with a Rotarian by the name of Hamlet Mbazazzi who is a former member of the Uganda Parliament, and is now involved in teaching entrepreneurship and sustainability.   He will provide a very interesting and informative program.

Posted on September-05-06


By DG Tusu

It was one of the most touching moments during the visit of RI President Bill Boyd and Lorna to Uganda. They sat with a few of us in the Distinguished Visitors Gallery of the National Parliament facing the Speaker, with other Rotarians in the public gallery. The Speaker suspended the ongoing debate on the national budget (no less) to receive the motion. This in itself was heart warming. What really touched the emotions however was to listen for more than forty minutes as MP after MP, more than 12 of them ranging from cabinet to the back bench to the opposition, stood up and spoke emotionally in favour of the motion, not in general terms, but citing specific examples of service from their constituencies. Our hearts swelled with pride in the service of Rotary, pride in being Rotarians. We were humbled that we belonged to the group of people being so extolled, and, it must be admitted, it required conscious effort to restrain the tears of emotion.

The Prime Minister spoke in favor; the Attorney General and Minister of Justice gave vigorous voice in support; the opposition MPs admitted a rare moment of agreement with colleagues across the floor.

The Speaker, after putting the question that was supported unanimously, adjourned so that they could leave the chamber to formally receive Bill and Lorna followed by the recognition of both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker as Paul Harris Fellows.

A moment forever captured in the memories of those who witnessed the occasion, the recognition that Rotary is Good, Rotary gives Service, and Rotarians are Exemplary. A challenge to all of us to be better people, better Rotarians so that we can then honestly deserve the accolade.



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