Monday July 9th -- We had a great program from Cameron about his exchange to Germany.  It sounds like he had a great 2nd host family and that it was hard for him to leave all his friends.  His parents and a fellow exchange student, Catlin, joined us for a relaxing lunch.

Fines included:  Celebrations – Lisa Hochrein's wedding, Jim swimming with the Ducks (Rec Dist. Fund Raiser) and Bob’s picture with a big fat check for the museum.  Birthdays celebrated included Bob and Ken.  Missing bell fines were extracted from John D. and Gerry.  Those that missed my first program without paying a road runner fee ponied up $2.


1.       Community Supper July 18, 5:30pm Methodist Church,

2.       Board Meeting July 19, 3:30pm Plumas Bank Admin Building,

3.       Park Bench work day July 28, 9:00am Rotary Pavilion,

4.       Bocce Ball Tournament Dinner July 30, 5:30pm, Rotary Pavilion.