About - Rotary Club of Eastwood (Syracuse, NY)
History of the Rotary Club Of Eastwood (Syracuse, NY)
Originally called the Rotary Club of Eastwood (Industrial Park), our club was chartered on June 30, 1961. The Syracuse Rotary Club was our sponsor who sought to form a new club near the industrial base anchored by Carrier, General Motors, and other nearby companies. The original name of the club was changed in the 1970’s to “Rotary Club of Eastwood (Syracuse), Inc.” The club is incorporated, but it has also formed an associated corporation called the Eastwood Rotary Foundation, Inc., which is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
The Rotary Club of Eastwood meets every Tuesday at Noon Via Zoom. The meeting consists of an opening ceremony, lunch, club business, announcements, fun & fellowship, as well as a speaker or other program. Our meetings end promptly at 1:15 pm. Unlike other organizations, our Rotary club is open to all ages (from twenties to eighties or even higher), we're in banking, education, law, architecture, real estate, insurance, energy utilities, newspaper media, small business, restaurant, we're retired, we're single, married, parents, grandparents, and quite honestly, we are just like you. Many of our members are past presidents. We are very proud of our club, of the fellowship and friendship we all enjoy together.
What makes our Rotary club different from other Rotary clubs is that we have a high level of participation in club and district activities, the projects we support, and the efforts we all share. Eastwood Rotarians every year make sure that every man, woman and child that walk through the doors of the soup kitchen have a warm meal in their belly, and an hour of respect and support. That every child is given the opportunity to learn to love to read, so that reading to learn becomes so natural and so easy. That our local food pantries are filled with food, that children have the tools and supplies to do well in school. We're ringing the Salvation Army Bell, providing scholarships and the list goes on and on. We're invested in our youth and the future for all of our communities children.

If you are interested in joining The Rotary Club of Eastwood (Syracuse, NY), please contact our president listed on the homepage!

Ask any of our members - it may be the most important step you will ever take!  Don't worry the first lunch is on us!