The Monkey Mascot is Named



President Pamela announced the naming of our new mascot at the Wednesday July 25, 2012 meeting. The tally is in for our monkey mascot:  By a large margin, the name, Andrew Kern was selected.  

Many jokes as well as an apt response from Andrew Kern The Lawyer followed this announcement.  President Pamela suggested that members should take Andrew Kern The Mascot to local make-ups.

President Pamela also announced that make-ups for those taking Andrew Kern The Mascot to make-up meetings an be entered into a pool from which a winner will be drawn every two months.  A prize, yet to be determined, will be awarded to those entering the draw.

Detailed rules will be codified and promulgated.  First draft of these rules will be by Andrew Kern The Lawyer.

(Your lowly ink-stained scribe suggests that a stand-in be acquired and if a member is travelling overseas, say, the stand-in mascot be taken along and a picture of the stand-in Andrew Kern The Mascot be made and emailed to the Rotary Club of Vernon. Otto Rieve.  Just saying)



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