Russell Shortt, The Donut Man, delivers donuts and polio immunization


Russell Shortt of the Rotary Club of Vernon has been delivering donuts to the members of the club and as a consequence has helped Rotary deliver polio vaccines to children of the world.

Since 2010, through the efforts of Russell the Donut Man, club members have enabled the club to donate $600 over the years. At a cost of US$0.10 for the cost of the polio vaccine and US$0.50 for delivery, the cost of 60 cents per immunization has been provided to 1,000 children who will no longer be lamed or worse by polio.

The Rotarian magazine of March 2012 ran a series of pictures of a pizza or a candy bar crossed out with a red bar and explanation that if the reader cut out one HALF of a candy bar, the cost of that could save one child from polio.  The same message attached to a crossed out pizza pie is that the cost of a WHOLE pie can deliver polio vaccine to 33 children.


Of course, the message to Rotarians (and indeed the world) is that this money needs to be directed to the Polio Eradication initiative which for Rotarians is through the The Rotary Foundation.

Since 1986 Rotarians have contributed US$ One Billion as a partner of UNICEF, WHO, CDC and world governments on the Polio Plus, a program to eliminate the scourge of polio from the world.   The only other communicable disease eradicated worldwide has been smallpox.

Russell pays for the donuts himself and every second week brings a dozen donuts to the meeting of the Rotary Club of Vernon and members who take a treat contribute a loonie or toonie for a weekly take around $15 or provide immunity for 25 children.  


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