Ride for Polio: Final Report


Day 22: Friday - June 3rd, 2011 

At the end of a 12,000km ride such as this to and from New Orleans, vehicles and particularly motorcycles need serving for oil, tires and miscellaneous repairs.  In my case, the Kawasaki didn’t like the water that I must have pumped with the gasoline that I purchased at the US small town or highway gas stations. Maybe it was the methanol that is added to gasoline in some of the US gas and methanol attracts water.  In any case, the Big Kawasaki was occasionally sputtering on the return trip from New Orleans and this sputtering became worse as we rode in rain and snow in Montana. The bike would always start, however.  In Missoula on Day 18 Tuesday - May 30, 2011 Marc and Elisabeth had gone west to go home and I had decided to stay overnight in Missoula.  The next day I headed north on Highway 93 and the bike ran fine on the way to Cranbrook BC.  When I left Cranbrook on Thursday June 2, all things were well – weather and motorcycle  - but the water in the tank eventually brought travel to a halt.  Somewhere between Golden and Revelstoke I pulled off the road and had BCAA tow me home to Vernon.  The bike has since been serviced, it is running well again and I am planning my next trips.


Life is a journey and not a destination and it will soon be time for me to once again point the motorcycle in a direction – it doesn’t matter what direction or where I go since The Ride Is The Reason – and see where the road takes me and what events and adventures I may encounter there. Let the journey continue.



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