PDG Jack Peters is a Multiple PH Fellow and three daughters are also PH Fellows



PDG Jack Peters is a Multiple PH Fellow and three daughters also became PH Fellows today. Betty has been a Paul Harris Fellow since 1991.

Today we had a Special Presentation:  PDG Roger Perry made a special presentation - a Paul Harris Award – on behalf of Jack and Betty Peters to their three daughters, Sandra, Sheila, and Sharon. 

PDG Roger gave reasons why the Paul Harris Award is so critical and listed some of the important work that is done throughout the world because of this award.  Because of Jack and Betty Peters’ awards, some very worthwhile contributions will be made toward projects in Nigeria, Thailand, and Guatemala. 

Sandra's husband, Brad, Sheila's husband, Ken, and Sharon's husband, Clint, and Jack and Betty's granddaughter, Monisha were present. 

Jack Peters became a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and was presented the Multiple Paul Harris Award by PDG Roger Perry.  Congratulations to Sandra, Sheila, and Sharon on becoming Paul Harris Fellows and to Betty and Jack Peters for their generosity.



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