Music Scholarship Rotary Award winner Gillian Wong


Gillian Wong, our recipient for a music scholarship, came to speak to us today. She was awarded this scholarship for her participation in the Vernon Music Festival and receiving top mark in her grade, ARCT.

She has been playing music from the age of 3 when she started to play piano and violin. At times, she practiced piano with her father who would play the right side and Gillian would play the left side with two hands because her hands were too small.

"Thank you very much", Gillian Wong 

Gillian was born and raised in Vernon and is part of a family of four siblings. She grew up practically living at the Vernon Community Music School, as her siblings also took lessons there. She has progressed to taking her ARCT exam this coming June in which she will be playing 6 pieces. As this is a big achievement for her, she wanted to thank the Rotary Club for their generous award to help with the cost of the exam.


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