Look out, here they come. Its the 2016 Spring Breakout for our Seniors

Seniors Spring Breakout.
The history of the Spring Breakout goes way back. Originally established by the Rotary Club of Vernon in 1952, this evening of dinner and entertainment was set to happen right before Christmas as there were so many seniors post war that were spending that time alone. It was a time for them all to come together, enjoy a good meal and companionship. The first event hosted 85 seniors with 47 Rotarians serving and entertaining for the night.
 It was a huge success, so much so that here 64 years later the evening hosts up to 500 attendees. Now Rotarians volunteer their time to pick up and deliver those who would not otherwise be able to get out themselves as well as serving a fine meal and an evening of wonderful entertainment. This event has truly become a highlight for a lot of seniors who by this point in time after a long winter are in need of getting out and doing something fun and engaging.
The event itself is funded by kind sponsors and donors who care deeply about our aging population, as well as proceeds from one of Vernon Rotary Clubs longest running fundraisers, The Carol Festival. The event will be held at 5.30 pm on March 9 this year at the Rec Center. Admission is free to all seniors, and doors open at 5pm.
Of special note this year is the fact that the Rec Center is doing renovations to the front (east) entrance and so all drop offs and entries will have to be at the west entrance location.
I know without question our dedicated Rotary Group are excited to pick up and host this great community event to honor our seniors.


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