June 11, 2014 Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Vernon: Eric Foster, MLA and Liberal Whip


Eric Foster: “BC’s Skills for Jobs, a Blueprint".

Wednesday June 11, 2014 Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Vernon: Eric Foster, MLA and Liberal Whip.

 Introduced by his wife, Janice, Eric's topic was “BC’s Skills for Jobs, a Blueprint".  Janice told us that Eric was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  They met there in Grade 8 but went their separate ways for some time.  But it was inevitable that fate intervened and they met later on and married.


Foster’s Assistant, Min Sidhu was present, and together they showed us a video on the topic of "Skills for Jobs".  The topic really investigated the requirement for jobs that are necessary for BC to enter the LNG industry, as well as the other resource sectors.  The program is predicated on three pillars: 

1.  A head start to hands-on learning in our schools; 

2.  A shift in education and training to better match with jobs in demand; and,

3.  A strong partnership with industry and labour to deliver training and apprenticeships.   

Foster went on to describe what is needed to meet this demand by 2022.  He emphasized firmly that BC residents will be first in line for this growth in jobs.  The program will redirect millions of dollars for this to occur.

Jack Peters thanked our speaker, praising the plan Foster put forth on behalf of the Government of BC.

Eric is the Government Whip and currently a member of the Environment and Land Use Committee. He served previously on the Select Standing Committees on Legislative Initiatives, Parliamentary Reform, Ethical Conduct, Standing Orders, and Private Bills. Eric was also a member of the Agenda and Priorities Committee.



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