Exchange Student From Eleven Years Ago Returns On Her Honeymoon


"Jordy” Geuffroy, an exchange student from eleven years ago, came to visit her club and Rotary parents. Jordy and her husband Andreas are on their honeymoon and they now reside in Dresden Germany. While visiting Vernon, they are staying with Martin and Frances Vegt.

After her exchange year in Vernon 2001 - 2002, Jordy continued her studies and qualified as a doctor in pediatrics one year ago. Andreas is an engineer working in parts materials design and components to lighten parts and components assembled into automobiles and airplanes.

Martin and Frances Vegt visited Jordy seven years ago in Germany and met shortly last year in The Netherlands while the Vegts were there for a family event.

Jordy was pleased to present her husband to the Rotary Club of Vernon and to be visiting Rotary friends in Vernon.



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