Feb 15, 2019
Hannah Warren

In 2008, Hannah Warren, a former Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Thailand and a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to India, learned about the plight of female weavers while taking their portraits in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India.
She was inspired to found Jhoole, a nonprofit eco fashion social enterprise designed to combat poverty and empower women. Jhoole has become a sustainable organization with a strong local infrastructure that continues to grow and thrive. Jhoole is helping women to gain economic independence, send their children to school and, ultimately, break the cycle of chronic poverty. 
Currently, Hannah is partnering with Jhoole to launch Radiant Beast, an ethical and sustainable activewear brand that inspires women to reach their full potential and gives 100% of profit to charities across the globe. 
Her story is a great example of how the Rotary Foundation invests in individuals, creating a domino effect that can impact entire communities. 

This is a LUNCH meeting - 11:45 at the DeSoto House