Contact: Andy Willis
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Fried Green Tomatoes
213 N Main
Galena, IL 61036
United States of America

6:00 pm Wednesday, February 19
Fried Green Tomatoes

The Rules
• Teams of up to 4 players: make your own team or join others
• Each team will receive an empty "pie" ala Trivial Pursuit
• On each turn, team chooses the category of question
• Questions are read by a moderator
• A correct answer scores a pie slice color-coded to the category
• The moderator has the last word in any dispute
• Only one pie slice will be awarded for each color (category)
• One question per turn
• First team to collect all 6 colored pie slices wins
This event is a charitable fundraiser; the winning team will decide what registered non-profit in Jo Daviess County is awarded the proceeds.  Recipient MUST be a 501(c)3.
Donation is set at $5 per person.
If the game ends too quickly, we may play a second with the same rules, and an additional $5 per person donation.