The Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club

Child Literacy Event in Bushwick on 9/8/18

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Brooklyn Bridge
Moore Street Market
110 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY  11206
United States
The Brooklyn Bridge Rotary Club needs to collect as many books as possible in the next week. Please reach out to your networks, communities and organizations to ask for book donations. If you can set up a collection box at a local school or library, please do so. 
Please send me an email of books to be collected. For example, if you set up a collection in a library, we will need to coordinate when we can pick up the books. 
Also, please let me know if what times you are available for Saturday, September 8. We need people for:
1.  Set up (9-12 am)
2.  Reading during the event (12-5 pm)
3.  Clean up after the event (5-6 pm
We don't have much time to pull this together, but we can certainly do this if we put all of our efforts into it! 
Kimberly Gail Price
(501) 231-4098