We honor DuWayne Severson for his seven years of service to our Club and communities!
Enjoy DuWayne's response to the interview:
1) What do you enjoy most about Rotary - The fellowship of the members-a good group that can share a laugh and get something done for the community.
2) Share a good moment or memory - The annual fruit basket build is a time to work together to benefit the groups we support and provide a Christmas gift for many in the community.
3) What is something that most people do not know about you - I want to learn how to play the bagpipes.
4) If you could change one thing what would it be - Eliminate round-abouts!!!!!!!!!
5) How do you want people to remember you - Service Above Self
Thank you DuWayne for your many contributions to the Rotary Club of Janesville Morning and our communities!  You are a great mentor and leader!!  We are honoured that you are a member of our Club!