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About Janesville Morning Rotary

Chartered June 30, 1983, the Janesville Morning Rotary Club is one of Janesville's most popular and prestigious service clubs. We are recognized as a progressive club that accomplishes many fund-raising tasks. We accomplish many projects while taking into consideration our members time constraints and personal, and business commitments.

The Janesville Morning Rotary Club meets every Thursday at 6:45 a.m. for a breakfast program at Rotary Gardens Parker Educational Center. We have breakfast and timely programs featuring guest speakers of interest to our membership. We also like to give our members the opportunity to highlight their own businesses and success stories during our meetings. We try to complete meetings by 7:45 a.m. allowing members to be to work in a timely manner.

About Our Members

We are a medium sized club of 35-40 active members. The Janesville Morning Rotary Club members span all ages and occupations. Our members represent some of the most prestigious and respected businesses and organizations in Janesville. Among those industries represented are medical professionals, legal, retail, hospitality, education, transportation, accounting and consulting, and many members who proudly own and operate their own businesses.

Regardless of our size, no member goes unnoticed or unrecognized. Each member plays an important role, no matter how small, in making Rotary an enviable asset to our community. We recognize each members business throughout the year during weekly meetings by giving members the opportunity to inform all of us what their business is and what they do. After all, Paul Harris's idea was to promote fellowship among business acquaintances.