2024 Grant Program
 Rotary Club of Janesville Morning 
2024 Grant Program
Each year, Janesville Morning Rotary provides grants for non-profit agencies that serve the Janesville area and surrounding communities.  Last year over $25,000 was invested back into the community. 
The grants are provided by two annual fundraisers.  The Pie Ride Bike Tour is in its 24th  year and will occur again on June 15, 2024.  In addition, the Fruit Basket Sale occurs each December with club members selling, building, and delivering over 800 fruit baskets.
“We are continually inspired by the positive difference so many non-profit organizations are making in our communities,” said Mitch Gaver, Janesville Morning Rotary Club President.
The Rotary Club of Janesville Morning awards grants on a competitive basis to non-profit, volunteer and educational organizations to support their efforts to serve our community.  Areas of focus include programs that serve youth, seniors, community health or literacy.
Any non-profit agency that has specific questions regarding grant funding should call Laura Peterson, 608-295-7830.  The application is available on the Janesville Morning Rotary website, http://www.janesvillemorningrotary.org/. Grant applications are due by March 15th.
Laura Peterson, Janesville Morning Rotary Foundation Chairperson, 608-295-7830
Mitch Gaver, Janesville Morning Rotary Club President, 608-290-8960
Applications are due March 15, 2024